The After life of Rose White

A ghost story I'm doing for english. Hope you like it!:)


3. chapter 3 - Rose


Finding a new home for Rose wasn't hard at all. After just minutes of searching, she found a cozy, modern family home with plenty of attic space for her to hide. She came at just the right time too, when nobody else was around.   Downstairs, there was a magnificent living room that was very well furnished. In the centre of the room were two luxury leather sofas, an apple TV and a dazzling silver rug layed down in the middle. Adjacent to the two sofas was a tall, deep purple lamp which shone brightly when the metal is touched.     To the left was a large pool table with ivory felt cloth, next to windowed pine bookshelves and another sitting area, presumably where residents would read. In front of the silver and black stripped bookcase, was a dark glass study desk, documents spewed carelessly over it. Perfect!  Rose thought as she tip-toed into the next room. the kitchen followed a cream-like colour scheme  with a large cooking area and breakfast bar with plates still sitting on the work-tops.   But that wasn't all. Also downstairs was a bathroom, dining room and conservatory. Upstairs was the master bathroom, master bedroom, spare bedroom and finally, the children's bedroom. rose had only merely scanned the other rooms, but she spent a long time admiring this person's possessions  ones she wished she had before she had been brutely murdered.    At the far side of the room was a wire-framed bed with neon pink bedding and a white, fuzzy dog toy, treasured by it's owner. all four walls wear ivory-cream, and what hung from the ceiling was a very futuristic, hot pink chandelier. On the carpet lay a light pink and white zebra print rug, a cream leather sofa stood beside it, as well as a crimson wardrobe and bookcase.    Right at the back of the room stood a neat, oak dressing table, large mirror attached, blusher and mascara still out on the desk. And stuck to the mirror with some blue-take was a beautiful picture of a young teen-age girl at the age of about 13.   She was smiling her pretty half-smile, snapback worn high, long, golden blonde hair flowing past her shoulders. And her eyes were twinkling like shining emeralds.
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