The After life of Rose White

A ghost story I'm doing for english. Hope you like it!:)


2. Chapter 2 - Amanda

"Amanda Smith! Hurry up or you're walking to school!" a screech came from an angered mother. With a jolt of surprise, Amanda smudged a black, jaggered line across her face, which she quickly removed after years of experience. 

After applying some expensive blusher, she combed her perfectly straight, long, golden-blonde hair. All done! she thought as she admired her twinkling emerald eyes and gorgeous half-smile. with her make-up finished, she whipped on a snapback and violet back pack and strutted down the stairs, ready for another day at Kettlethorpe.

Amanda was pretty, popular, smart and amazing at art. What more could a girl want? There was just one thing. Something nobody knew about. She had a secret obsession with ghosts. Just the thought of meeting a ghost made her well up with excitement. Sometimes she even wished of having a spirit present in her house. Maybe living in her room, like a secret sleepover! 

But sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for, because some wishes are truer than you think...

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