The After life of Rose White

A ghost story I'm doing for english. Hope you like it!:)


1. Chapter 1 - Rose


It's windows were almost shattered, bricks decaying, a rotting wooden door hanging on for dear life on it's broken hinges. Every so often, a stone slate would plummet down from the roof and smash into smithereens, warning any strangers away.

Mounds of dust collected on the abandoned furniture as old yellow pages from ancient books flicked mysteriously as drafts flew through the rooms. All was still, and  not a single soul had passed for centuries.

Except one.  

One so lonely and distraught she never even bothered to sweep her jet black fringe away from her lifeless, grey eyes. There was no expression on her face. It was like a dementor had drained all life and emotion from her.   

But beneath her pale white face was a story untold. What happens to lost souls who can't find a place in heaven? Do they stay on Earth, invisible to the world? As she wondered forlornly  down the narrow, echoing corridors for the last time, she knew what her fate would be. 'Houses don't stand forever,' she whispered to herself.  

It all happened so quickly. SMASH! In a blink of an eye, shards of sharp, piercing glass crystals exploded onto the ground. CRASH!! Bricks were thrown left, right and centre as the structure collapsed in a heap of now worthless rubble on the concrete floor. A puff of smoke lie dust filled the air, hissing only one word.  


She knew what she must do. Rose, head held high, took one last look at her home, her birthplace, her death place. Wiping her tears away, she went in search for a new home.

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