live while you're young

meet tillly she is a 12 year old kid and in 8 months she will turn 13 in her teens will she do all the things she hoped to do before she turnes a teen.


1. Tilly

Hi im Tilly and im 12.In 8 months i turn 13 that means that i will be a teen.It`s so exciting but the thing is i have a lot of things to do before i turn a teen thats why you have to live while your young.Seen as though im 12 im still clased as a kid.So im going to do lots of kiddie things like go to disney world and maybe even watch a few kiddie programes.Im going to eat sweets while bouncing on my bed and im going to play tricks on my younger brother max i will love to see his face when i pull one trick.


Tilly is a real girlie girl.She loves friendship braclets and all sorts of jewellery and plus she loves lovely dresses that are very sparkely.She also loves a alot of clubs and Once she had a whole year and in every month she competed in a club.In january she took place in a cooking competition,in Febraury she took place in a swimming competition,in march she took place in a cheerleader exam and got through.And so much more.




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