almost all the songs

almost all the one direction songs in a story about harry


1. the song story.


Harry sat once in the sand on the beach, he saw a girl and fell in love it was”summer love” she had the ”little things” and thats ”what makes HER beatifull” harry walk over to the girl. ”hey whats your name?” he said. She walk away from him and run over to a boy and kiss him. Harry was crushed, he was thinking. And then he said. She ”stole my heard.” he walk home and stay ”up all night” he was’nt up all night to party, but cry. He was staying ”up all nigh” to cry over a girl. harry and the girl became friends. Her name was SILLY and she was ”still the one” and she still have a boyfriend but not harry. ”i want” you and ” i wish” you was mine. Harry began to cry but after a minute it was ”over again” why are you crying niall asked. She ”rock me” and ”i wish” i could ”change my mind” but i can’t, i mean ”i would” if i could. harry said. She will not hurt you said zayn. ”she’s not afraid” to say what she mean. Said harry. You have a lot of great ”moments” with other girls why is this a problem. Harry don’t answer. Come here ”stand up” said zayn. He took his hand and lift him up.. she just had the ”one thing” ”nobody compares.” STOP said zayn. She i already ”taken” and if she love you like you love her she will come ”back for you”.  ”Why not live while we’re young” you don’t stand forever young.. harry was gettin over SILLY and they was friends. Once harry come over to her. SHE SAID THAT THEY WAS NEVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER  they had broken up. SILLY was cheating on her boyfriend they was still together while she was with harry. ”they don’t know about us” who harry asked.. my boyfriend.” WHAT harry jump up in the air.” C’mon c’mo” over to me. Noooooooo harry said. He walk out of the door. its” gotta be you”. No harry don’t think like that. She give me ”heart attack” and i was almost ”kissed you”. SILLY. ”he loved you first” not me not i. We all making the ”same mistake” but this is too much. I deserve ”more than this” but you just think you can ”tell me a lie.”

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