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Well, basically this is a Movella for it all. I'll be writing in this everyday I can. I'll want comments and advice on horrible situations, I'll change the name of my friends just to feel free writing about them. I'll put my opinions on things and other Movellas if you even ask. I'll publish small things that I write. Nothing can't go in here. I've got space for it all!


4. Public executions

It's been so long since I wrote anything in this Movella, so I thought 'Why not publish that article you just wrote?' It's not formal; in fact it's pretty chatty and since this Movella is for pretty much anything, oh well. So here it is; an article about why executions should not be made public (don't worry it's not creepy or so).

 Why executions should not be made public/televised?

What would be your reaction if an 8 year old walks into the room with blood dripping from his arm and when you ask what happened the response you get is “Oh nothing. It was just a classmate of mine has been driving our teacher crazy and she always said he made so much mistakes so I thought why let him live and I just killed him,” in a very casual way? Let’s say you ask why did you do that and the answer was, “Well, I see that our government kills off people who make mistakes so I thought I should be just as good as them,” how would you react? Do you think that’s mundane or expected? Do you think it’s no problem when an 8 year old kills off his friend? Well, if you do you better not read the rest because you’re not going to like it.

I’m totally and strongly against public executions for so many reasons, starting with they dehumanize us; meaning they slowly pull out the human God created inside us. It’s not fun watching others die, whether they made mistakes or not and this isn’t controversial unless you’re some cruel sadistic brute. In other words they desensitize us, numb us and render us insensible. Studies have proved that desensitization, which is caused by becoming prone to watching violence or death, makes people unable to control their actions when angry and increase aggression. Do you want to be like that? I don’t think so. Desensitization also can promote future violence as if kids- like the 8 year old in the first paragraph- grow up to have messed up thoughts and believe that killing is such a conventional and prevalent action they might think it’s kosher  to do all other acts of violence, which I’m sure you don’t tolerate.

A question: why on earth would anyone want to watch an execution of someone they don’t know? It only matters to the victim, their family and the criminal’s family, and that I think is really enough.  Making an execution viral by televising it, posting it on YouTube or even posting pictures of it is invading the privacy of the dead. Isn’t it already a shame that the criminal is going to lose their life in front of their beloved ones and probably go to hell? What will it add when you let the whole world see them die? They say “It will make others learn that you can’t get away with mistakes.” Non sense. It’s enough if you just let them know.  A headline in a newspaper will let people know. A mentioned name in the 8 o’clock news will let people know. It’s not necessary to show pictures. It doesn’t really matter. People will know the government is doing their job and that they can’t get away and that’s all that’s essential and needed.

What get on my nerves the most are pay-to-watch executions. Above doing this abominable action they also make money off it! It teaches people that it’s ok to make money off anything. Not only, but they disguise it by saying “Oh! It’s going to charity,” while it would be luck if 15% got out of pockets. Another thing that has pretty much nothing to do with all the above is that there are already a number of people who are against the death penalty and publishing or releasing executions to the media is not something that will make them happy. It will have a negative effect as people who oppose to death sentences seeing or being exposed to executions will only make them feel stronger about their opinions and might even cause their numbers to increase as others may sympathize with the case. This may lead to future riots or revolts displacing order in the government. I can tell that’s nothing that they want.

Ending and concluding this article, I would like to ask the government to stop releasing executions into the media and I’d like to ask the media not to publish it to the public and I’d like to ask the public not to watch. Those people don’t deserve this. It’s not human like. Let’s keep our senses. Let’s stay pure. Let’s stay innocent. It’s enough they’re going to die killed while they know it and can do nothing about it, let’s not make it a more shaming death. It’s shaming enough.


There it is. Hope you like it, please leave your opinion in comments below.

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