The thoughts of a normal teenager

Well, basically this is a Movella for it all. I'll be writing in this everyday I can. I'll want comments and advice on horrible situations, I'll change the name of my friends just to feel free writing about them. I'll put my opinions on things and other Movellas if you even ask. I'll publish small things that I write. Nothing can't go in here. I've got space for it all!


6. It's been rough

  Well, I haven't come back to writing except because I needed it. I need to vent and let out some feelings. I don't care if no one actually reads this or gives it a second thought because I just need to let some feelings go, negative feelings. I'm just writing from my heart not caring about anything else.

  Lately, my life has been a total colossal mess. Everything that I loved about my life changed. My family, my friends, my social life, my body life basically. My family is still here thank God. They still love me as much as before and maybe even more, but my parents had a fight that made the feeling of a united family go away. I used to be very proud but now I just feel like hiding the truth from even myself. My friends who I thought loved me have changed. My best friend who's supposed to know me the most has turned into a hideous creature that I don't know anymore(her personality of course). It's like she has no idea who I am and I have no idea who she is. I know her mother has died recently but that was 6 months ago and she's changing just now. It's like a late change. My social life obviously suffered as well. I've gained about 10 kg from I don't know where and now I'm struggling to lose them and get back on track. Maybe I gained because I stopped training and ate more because of my emotions.

    So I don't know. I still have my health. I still have the same amount of money I had before. The basic and main factors of life still exist, I mean even my parents haven't got divorced or separated yet, and I haven't become a lonely person or a bullied one, and I will also lose the weight I mean I've already shed 2 kg. And I thank God for all of that I'm not complaining. It's just that this is the first down in my life and I'm having a bit of a hard time taking it. I'll be alright some time soon but I just feel a sudden change that I probably never expected.

  I feel better after I write even though I'm very aware nobody's interested in my boring sad life. Nobody cares. No one's going to read this. But oh well.

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