The thoughts of a normal teenager

Well, basically this is a Movella for it all. I'll be writing in this everyday I can. I'll want comments and advice on horrible situations, I'll change the name of my friends just to feel free writing about them. I'll put my opinions on things and other Movellas if you even ask. I'll publish small things that I write. Nothing can't go in here. I've got space for it all!


2. Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope 2013 comes to be better than the previous year. Personally, I believe 2012 wasn't pretty (I know pretty is for a person), not even from the political aspect. I had quiet a hard time this year comparing it to others, though I know some of the moments of this year will unforgettable. Some were terribly terrible and some were just damn right awesome. 2012 has also guided me and told me who was my friend and who was not. My friendships developed with some but ended with others. I have learned not to trust anyone just because they're nice to you, not to let people use you and to treat others the way they treat me. Some people have hurt me. Some have made me feel like I'm the one in a million. This year I have grown up from child to teenager. I now understand life more. I appreciate every breath I take and hope it's not my last one. I'm grateful for the life I have, even if I some times get sick of it, I know some one has something harder to deal with. Some times I get mad over silly situations then I snap myself back into reality to realize that I should save this for the time where it's needed. I don't think revenge is the way to get your dignity back any more. I believe this year has done me so good after all. Its good times gave me memories and unforgettable moments whereas its bad times made me grow up and know the world isn't all about me and the people who love me, because there will be those who hate me. Along the road, I understood that every moment you live in this world you are taught some thing, but you have the choice, either you make good use of it, or you ruin it and move on. I learned that I should live my life for today. I shouldn't bath in my tears over yesterday. I should hope for a better tomorrow and learn from yesterday's mistakes. If life wasn't worth living, it wouldn't have existed.

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