The thoughts of a normal teenager

Well, basically this is a Movella for it all. I'll be writing in this everyday I can. I'll want comments and advice on horrible situations, I'll change the name of my friends just to feel free writing about them. I'll put my opinions on things and other Movellas if you even ask. I'll publish small things that I write. Nothing can't go in here. I've got space for it all!


3. Got a Problem?

To start, I'll just say my head is about to explode. I loaded from everywhere and it's like I'm drowning in my own sea of problems (I could've said sh*t but I just couldn't imagine such a thing). School work is multiplying. Responsibilities are increasing. Friends are worsening (thank God Samantha is here). What do you do when you have a load of bad stuff (that was instead of crap) on your head? I have a feeling I'm exaggerating, because in fact, I am. I mean I'm still here, sitting in my home, I'm fine, my family is all good, I still have money and sitting here working on a Movella. The only thing is, I'm just loaded. Just writing this has made me feel more relaxed in fact. Anyway. It's good to have someone, even if you don't know who they are.

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