The thoughts of a normal teenager

Well, basically this is a Movella for it all. I'll be writing in this everyday I can. I'll want comments and advice on horrible situations, I'll change the name of my friends just to feel free writing about them. I'll put my opinions on things and other Movellas if you even ask. I'll publish small things that I write. Nothing can't go in here. I've got space for it all!


5. Check it out!

Well, I've been wandering around Movellas and looking for something to read and I found something that I need you people to check out. It's the 'Rants of Movellas' by 'Movellas Reporter'. If you get defensive when it comes to One Direction, I advise you to stay away from this because you sure as hell won't like it. But I did. I agree with it. I'm supposed to be working on a Movella for the Movellas Unity Project but I'm not the directioner (if you don't know what I'm talking about check out Constafani's Movellas Unity Project). I'm not against 1D, I listen to them and I read fan-fictions, but I believe everything has limits. Go ahead and have a look at it.

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