Mary and Patricia, I guess

Mary isn't just new in town, she's new in the country. She has always been lonely and never had friends,but do you think that's a reason to agree to befriend a troublemaker? Mary gets with Patricia and becomes her clone, on the outside and inside, she turns into someone she never thought she would be. Will she notice that she should be her self, or will being someone's clone satisfy her as long as she has someone to talk to?


3. Mr. Hake

 “Ok, today we’re going to replace Mr. Hake’s tooth paste with SPICY toothpaste, full of Indian spices that just the smell of them burns the nose. When he uses it, his mouth will burnt for weeks, which will result in him being unable to talk, so he will cancel all our physics lessons till he’s recovered. That means a lot of time! On the other hand, there is one risk with this operation; Mr. Hake’s son is a police officer, which means if we get busted we get arrested. We will have to be very quiet,” Patricia’s eyes were all over the place as she whispered. With bushes all around her and Mary, she could see but couldn’t be seen.

“Sure. So who’s look out this time? Is it me again?” Mary squinted her eyes while monitoring the sight.

“Yes, next time you’ll probably be the executer, you would’ve had enough experience as a look out to move you on to the next level,” Patricia made it seem like it is something based on international grading.

“And what comes after executer?”

“After the executer you become a solo; you get to do operations without a lookout, there are more complicated stages to follow, and then if you’re really good, never busted and you’re at the last stage; if you’re lucky, the IAMA might spot you. If they do and you impress them; you become one of them. That is my wildest dream,” Patricia gave Mary the feeling like she’s talking about dreaming of being a member of the FBI or the CIA not something, that Mary obviously has no knowledge of, named the IAMA.

“IAMA? What’s that? That’s not even pronounceable,” Mary giggled with her eyebrows up thinking she’s being funny.

Patricia stared at her with disgust and an open mouth, “Uh! How dare you? I can tell by that giggle you will never become part of such an honorable association. Generally, I don’t expect you to understand, but IAMA stands for the International Association of Messing Around, it’s a secret association for what I do; give people who are full of themselves a bit of a headache if you don’t know. From your comments, I think small operations like we do will be it for you; there is no chance for you in moving to further levels.”

Mary’s smile faded, after some effort. An association for messing around! That’s just……..not the norm. Yet, Mary threw an apologetic face, she better do this than upset Patricia and become lonely again. She is conscious that what she is doing is wrong, but she didn’t have future plans of joining the IAMA or such stuff, she was doing this temporarily just to keep Patricia her friend. For her having a bad friend was better than having none. Her dream was becoming true for the first time in her life, and she wasn’t planning to let go just because her friend’s dreams are silly for her. A friend is a friend, instead of mocking her she should help her, although that was what she was technically doing, she’s been ‘messing around’ since she’s known Patricia. Undesirable behavior was disapproved by her parents, on the other hand they couldn’t really complain, they felt sorry for Mary, they understood she needed this at least for a tiny while.Her mind settled that her being a look out will be it for her, she won’t go further. Meanwhile, thoughts of why Patricia befriended her occurred. Patricia could easily befriend others; in fact she already had lots of friends. Mary wasn’t clear on this one yet.

Moving on, they crept into the house from the kitchen window and tiptoed to the bathroom. They weren’t able to see a thing. Mary stood by the door with her ears open while Patricia replaced the toothpaste. Patricia shoved the real toothpaste into her back pocket.  “Let’s go!” Mary could barely hear her.

“Wait! I hear footsteps,” Mary slowly and quietly paced backwards and opened the window cautiously.  Patricia froze. Mary slowly put one leg after the other and jumped out of the window. “COME NOW!” she stressed her words with a low voice. Patricia was still frozen. “And IIIIIIIIII will always love you,” the screeching voice of the approaching human woke Patricia up. Her steps were quick, she bumped in the sink. “What was that? HEY! YOU!” the human saw her. Patricia made it to the window before he had the chance to react, but it was too late, he already knew she has been here. As soon as Patricia jumped Mary hid in the bushes. The human who turned out to be Mr. Hake’s son had his head out of the window; he was looking at Patricia as she sprinted, “I’ll get you! Toothpaste thief!” it was obvious he noticed the toothpaste in Patricia’s back pocket.

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