Mary and Patricia, I guess

Mary isn't just new in town, she's new in the country. She has always been lonely and never had friends,but do you think that's a reason to agree to befriend a troublemaker? Mary gets with Patricia and becomes her clone, on the outside and inside, she turns into someone she never thought she would be. Will she notice that she should be her self, or will being someone's clone satisfy her as long as she has someone to talk to?


2. Clones

They spent time together, a lot of time. Mary was being influenced. She’d pierced her ear, died stripes of her black hair green and cut it short, she turned into Patricia’s clone. You can obviously make out that Mary is the typical good girl, although, being with Patricia changed her, a lot. It made her different, she skipped classes, didn’t do home works, got detentions, she even started to mess around in the streets by ruining people’s gardens, sneaking into houses and so much more. Doing this put her on the edge, the problem was she liked that feeling.The thrill of being chased by an angry adult, in rage, holding whatever tool in reach in the air, made her……………just happy. Never had a friend before, never messed around before and never even laughed with someone from her heart. She thought she was having the time of her life, but she had no idea what was to come.

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