Mary and Patricia, I guess

Mary isn't just new in town, she's new in the country. She has always been lonely and never had friends,but do you think that's a reason to agree to befriend a troublemaker? Mary gets with Patricia and becomes her clone, on the outside and inside, she turns into someone she never thought she would be. Will she notice that she should be her self, or will being someone's clone satisfy her as long as she has someone to talk to?


4. Arrested

After he disappeared and went back in, Mary slowly revealed herself to the human free surroundings and went to see Patricia. She headed to the coffee shop that Patricia’s mother works in. Mary trotted fast into the kitchen where Patricia is always on her cell phone, “Patricia! You scared the hell out of me!” every worker in the kitchen turned to face Mary. She was quite till they went back to their work. “He saw me,” Patricia has her head in the ground.

The kitchen door slammed open, “Patricia Glastamour?”

“Yes, sir,” Patricia rose up from her chair in surprise and Mary turned to face three men in blue suits and hats like the ones cops wear.

“Kenny Hake has reported to us. You’ve snuck into his family house and replaced his toothpaste with spice burning toothpaste a few hours ago. We went to the crime scene and tested your finger prints then we found out you were guilty. Will you please come with us to the police office now?” the police officer was stern. Patricia’s eyes were wide open just like her mouth. The police officer escorted her out of the coffee shop.

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