Mary and Patricia, I guess

Mary isn't just new in town, she's new in the country. She has always been lonely and never had friends,but do you think that's a reason to agree to befriend a troublemaker? Mary gets with Patricia and becomes her clone, on the outside and inside, she turns into someone she never thought she would be. Will she notice that she should be her self, or will being someone's clone satisfy her as long as she has someone to talk to?


5. A Figure

Mary figured it out. Patricia wasn’t her friend; she wanted Mary as a temporary lookout, not a friend. She did have a lot of friends but she would never be able to influence them to be her lookout in messing around, they had strong personalities, they had friends, unlike poor Mary. Poor Mary who went to school after Patricia’s arrest to grab her homework for her and was astonished, badly, by what she found. Mary found Patricia’s diary and assumed it was her English book and here is what she read:

This Mary is a pathetic loser, but it’s good I found her; she’s an OK lookout and will help me make it through to the IAMA. How sweet! Only a few more operations and I'll get rid of her, and she thought I could be friends with HER!

Mary decided that was that. Patricia was never her friend. Patricia abused her, made her do what she shouldn’t have done and turned her into someone she wasn’t. All this just made her realize that having a friend is not important if it spoils you, a friend should be there to make you a better person, to keep your identity, to make you be you and it’s just that simple. No one has the right to judge her and no one has the right to think of her as second class. Mary's personality is starting to build up, but will the paper-plan become real or will her building fall flat?

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