Mary and Patricia, I guess

Mary isn't just new in town, she's new in the country. She has always been lonely and never had friends,but do you think that's a reason to agree to befriend a troublemaker? Mary gets with Patricia and becomes her clone, on the outside and inside, she turns into someone she never thought she would be. Will she notice that she should be her self, or will being someone's clone satisfy her as long as she has someone to talk to?


1. Getting to know each other

Mary’s hands started to ache from writing too much. Three answer sheets filled up with premium quality and mistake free writing lay on her desk like dead bodies. She goaded her hand to rise so she would be able to check how much time was left from her exam, but her hand was in too much pain to move for the coming three hours. Instead she lifted her head and stared at the big clock on top of the big chalkboard in the big classroom. Big is only word that Mary could think of, even though there wasn’t a synonym for this word in the five languages Mary was fluent in that she didn’t know.

“Pens down,” the examiner passed around collecting the papers, “You can leave,” her British accent echoed in the big classroom. Mary rose from her desk with an empty energy bar. This is how she felt in the first hour of school, and how she will feel in every other hour. With no friends, she had nothing to care for but her studies, the only thing left. Although, she was full of hope this time, moving to Britain was positive, but that was only a feeling, based on nothing constructive. Construction wouldn’t matter if she’s lived in twelve countries while she’s only thirteen and that would be the only time she felt positive.

“You! Wait!” Mary turned to the sight of a girl with short, spiky, black and pink hair and about thirteen face piercings. Her uniform was tawdry, her shirt untucked and unbuttoned from the top and a loose tie. Unlike Mary of course, who had an impeccable white shirt, tucked in, buttoned to the top, her tie up to the middle of her throat and her ponytail as tight as pants size negative fourteen (I know such a thing doesn’t exist but that was the tightest thing I could think of). “Me?” Mary pointed to herself.

“Ya you. I looked at you didn’t I?” the girl’s British accent echoed just like the examiner’s, making Mary feel stupid for the first time ever.

“Yes?” now it was Mary’s American accent that echoed.

“You’re the new girl, Mary Cleveland, I guess? A nerd, huh? You filled up three answer sheets! Fun Fact: I didn’t fill half of the first one. How did you do that?” the girl shook her head with her eyes wide open and with a face full of sarcasm, “I’m Patricia Glostamour, by the way,” she smiled and stretched her hand out.

Mary took it and shook her hand, “Yes I’m Mary, I’m the new girl, called a nerd and I filled three answer sheets and how I did that is a pretty long story, if you’re interested of course,” a smile formed slowly on her face as she waited for the response hoping for the best, this was the best from her side, she found it amusing she was even able to respond. Patricia seemed like the popular type and if not obviously the cool one (that's Mary's assumption for the time being, you can see she has no experience).

“I am. I can tell you’re American from your accent, I’m right am I not?”

“Oh yes you are, Miss Glastamour. So you’re interested in my life story, ha? Well, there is nothing much except that: One, I’m an American but I’ve lived there only for two years, the first two of my life. Two, I’ve then been to Australia, lived there for a year, then to France, then to Belgium, then to Spain, then to Portugal, then to Mexico, then Brazil, then China, then the Philippines and then New Zealand, lived in each of the former countries year each.Now here I am, in England. Three, I’ve never had friends because it took time till I learned languages and by then everybody would’ve turned backs on me, if I do know the language I’m never good enough to impress anyone, not even the nerds,” Mary complained while trotting down to the playground with Patricia, satisfied that she had bits of courage that helped her speak up.

“Wow! That’s a lot of complaining. Are you that miserable in your life?” Patricia’s eyebrows wrinkled up implying she felt really sorry for Mary.

“Miserable isn’t really the word. I’ve got loving and caring parents, they might be at work most of the time but they’re always there when I need them. My family is very rich and they are always willing to settle in one country if that’s what would make me happy, but it never works out for me so when I get really desperate I ask to move. It’s just my social life that’s a nervous wreck. I never have someone to share my teenage secrets with, on the other hand I don’t have that many. You know, I have never had a friend’s phone number! I am desperate,” Mary’s eyes were glowing as if she was begging Patricia to be her friend, and as soon as that thought crossed over her mind her eyes widened. She wished she could take that back, she had no desire of sounding pathetic. The opportunity might never reoccur. Meanwhile, Patricia just stared. Then, a smile formed on her face. “That is just ……about to change. You have a friend,” she spread her hands in the air and had an ear to ear smile.

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