'Strict? My school? Yup! Mum moved me to this 'posh' school at the end of Year 8, so I could get some 'proper education' and 'achieve something in this dismal world'.
The thing is, I literally can't take one step without a teacher breathing down my neck and telling me to go plait my hair or whatever. The teacher bring out more and more rules all the time- even stupid things like ALL pupils must plait their hair! I mean, come on, who would actually invent that? My least favourite teacher apparently. She's continually on the warpath. Will she ever stop?'


2. Buns and Bubbly chocolate

The next day dawned bright and sunny, although my spirits were low. How dare they take control of our looks! As usual, I had not pinned my fringe back or plaited my hair. Yes, that's me- rebel. I walked to school with Zoey, who had her hair neatly plaited by her mother. Zoey has golden blonde hair reaching half-way down her back, and she is very pretty. I am not so much the person who cares about what her hair looks like, but I was not going to plait it, let alone French plait it, like some six year old, on their first day at school. So yes, as usual, I had my hair lose and long. I had sorta neglected to tell mum about the new rule enforcement, because mum being a fan of the royal family and therefore rules, it would be a good idea to say nothing. Trust me, I know. Zoey was fiddling with the end of her plait, looking annoyed.

"I'm so fed up of this school right now" she said, looking at me with her big blue, innocent eyes. 

"Ditto, my friend, ditto" I replied, looking straight in-front of me. 

"But you never follow any rules, Di" Zoey put in, "you always do as you please. I wish I was carefree like you."

True, but hey, that comes naturally. And, Zoey, carefree isn't always good..... its get's me into trouble.

"Carefree? Meh. That isn't always a good thing." I replied. We reached the black school gates of St Grace's High School.  Zoey looked at me.

"Going through them?" She asked. I thought about it. I was about to get in enough trouble without needing to go through the black gates as well. 

"Nah" I replied "let's go around to the pupil entrance." We walked round in silence, Zoey still fiddling with the end of her plait. I sighed. Sooner or later someone would see me and yell. But I wasn't about to get my hair plaited. And my fringe- don't even think about it.

As we walked through the pupil entrance, who should we see, but Maney. Great. I pulled my scarf out of my bag and covered my head with it, so she wouldn't see my hair. I kept my head down and tried to get past her. 

"Diana Richardson, why the head covering?" Maney asked me.

"Um, er, I'm finding it a little chilly, Man- Miss Mangrove" I replied, still finding the ground interesting. 

"Remove it please" she asked. 

"Erm, I was planning to keep it on until I got to my classroom" I mumbled. 

"That was an order, not a question. Take it off-  now!" Maney practically shouted. I removed the scarf. 

"Plaits, Miss Richardson" Maney stated. "And no fringes." I'm sure I went red.

"Um, yeah, I'll plait it when I get inside." I stuttered. Maney nodded and let me go. 

"You look like a beetroot" said Zoey.

"Why thank you, so kind" I replied sarcastically. I felt my cheeks. They were burning. I grabbed Zoey's arm and pulled her inside. I dragged her over to the toilets and stood in front of a mirror. I decided to scrape my hair into a bun and leave my fringe out. They were not getting me to plait my hair. Never ever. 

A few minutes later, we walked into assembly- the most boring part of the school day. Zoey and I were late, so everyone looked at us as we walked in. They especially looked at me because I had a bun. Zoey went bright red and scurried to her place. I swaggered behind her, looking confident. But really, I felt nervous. I looked at Mrs Davidston. She was purple. I decided now would be a good time to scurry after Zoey and sit down. 

"DIANA RICHARDSON!" Mrs Davidston exploded. I went red. 

"Yes?" I replied.

"Where are you plaits and why have you got your fringe out?" 

"I, um,"


"My hair just slips out of plaits. Buns are the only way my hair can be tied back, you see." I was an awful lier. I went purple. But hey, old Daviston decided to go red.

"Sorry. I seemed to have misjudged you. From now on, all the school shall wear buns!" She announced. She looked at me and said, quietly:

"Only for you, Diana." So she was making this rule for me? Not bad. 

The rest of the assembly went smoothly, and Zoey won some Bubble chocolate, for an English essay or something like that. Afterwards, everyone gathered around me, and picked me up. They paraded me through the school, some even throwing roses. I saw Zoey and smiled. 

"Put me down, guys" I ordered. When they put me down, I walked over to Zoey. She gave me her chocolate and a hug. She whispered in my ear:

"You deserve this more than me, Di. Well done." I'm pretty sure that that day was the best of my life. Of course it couldn't last.

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