It all happened in September

Do you believe in reincarnation??
I've reincarnated 4 times in different bodies.
My mission?
find my brother and the love of my life.<3
The problem?
I don´t know them, physically in this life.
Others name lifes:
Him: Ian
Me: Naya
Brother: Steve

I have problems to find them. Help!


5. What the hell just happened?

My brother happened to be Niall.

What a surprise, Irish, he told me about his family, how lovely.

I've missed him a lot, but now he's with me.

Harry, the love of my life.

Now I'm complete.

In this life, Niall is not my brother, he is a friend.

Today I´m gonna spend the day with him, to tell each other about our lives. 

"So...Niall tell me about your love life, how bad is it?"

"It´s not that bad at all, I mean I've been with some girls, I've had loved them, but I'm dating this girl that makes my heart race a lot."

"Who could she be?"

"Her name is Demi, you should know her...."

"Um not really, when am I gonna meet her?"

"Well she lives in USA.. but I´m gonna go to see her in two weeks, you wanna go?"

"Sure brother.. I mean should I call you brother? Or maybe best friend or what?"

"We can be best friends if you wanna but we both know that in the inside we are brothers."

"I love you Niall," I said. 

"OMG! Niaaaaall is that your new girlfriend?" Some girl asked.

"No," Niall said.

"Of course she is! Look how you're holding her hand, you love her! What about Demi?"

"She's not my girlfriend she's my best friend, what are you doing?" Niall asked.

"I´m taking a photo of you two...of course...what else?"

"Don´t do that!"

"Sorry I just did it... now I´m the first one to tell the world about you two."

"What have you done?!"  Ugh! Forget it.. Come on Elena let's go...."

"Ok...?" I said. What the hell just happened? These people are crazy...we're not holding hands like we were in love... we're best friends it's obvious! 

We walked to his house, he was very angry, I mean it's just a photo right? It's me... or is he ashamed of me? am I that ugly? I feel bad 

He was walking very quickly he almost leave me behind, but I ran he was red, spelling some random words, I didn´t understand. I felt tired of running so I stopped. He continue walking, he didn´t realize that I was behind him now. I just saw him walk away. 

I stood there, for about 5 minutes watching the sky, it was a beautiful day, until a man came closer to me he said:

"You see what you wanna see, maybe you should look closer to what is on your nose."

"Excuse me?"

He didn´t repeat, and he started walking away, I was now scared so I look to all the ways I could searching for something weird, or out of place, and then I saw him.

A man in black with glasses, he stood there, watching me, and then he smiled, with a suspicious smile, a bus passed, and so the man in black was gone.

"Hey! Elena!! I´m so sorry I leav you behind, I was very angry that girl who the hell she think she is? I mean that is a lie, we're not dating, Demi is gonna be very angry with me and the.."

"Niall.." I said interrupting him


"Did you saw something strange while you were coming here?"

"No why?"

"It's just.. nothing.. forget it.. let's go, and it's not a problem I understand."

"Thanks Elena that's why I love you."

"I love you too."

We arrived to Niall's when we were out of the lift there was a silver door, nothing special. He opened it.

"What the fuck!?" He screamed. 

"What!?" I said, the flat was disordered, upside down, all things were broke, the telly was on the floor, the windows were broken.

Someone was there while we were on the park. I though of the man in black. I was scared. 

"I'm gonna call the boys and Paul," he said.

I started walking to the principal room, all was like the hall, I went to the bathroom.

"Holy shit!" I said.

"What happened?" Niall asked.

The mirror.

On mirror was written: 

"Scape now that you can, it's a warning Naya" - F

"Who the hell is F?" Niall asked.

"I have no idea." I said.

Who was F? What he was searching for? Why he wants me? 

Did we met in another life? Did I did something bad to him?

Too much questions, and no answers.


Hi! I wanna know if you like my story!! please leave me comments!! I really wanna know!

Sorry if I have misspellings. 



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