It all happened in September

Do you believe in reincarnation??
I've reincarnated 4 times in different bodies.
My mission?
find my brother and the love of my life.<3
The problem?
I don´t know them, physically in this life.
Others name lifes:
Him: Ian
Me: Naya
Brother: Steve

I have problems to find them. Help!


8. Tickles Tickles

It was December morning it was snowing so I decided to make hot chocolate, Harry was sleeping so I went to the laptop. I went on "Google" and searched for Ian and Naya.
It happened to be a known page. So I clicked on it. Instantly appear a photo of me and Harry in our last life. I looked at it, my heart started beating fast. I read all the document. It said Naya died on an accident, fire accident. Ian died drowned. Why he didn´t told me that? I couldn't take it anymore so I closed the laptop, and drank some more of my hot chocolate. I stood up and looked at the window, the people was walking, everything was so... normal. "Hello my princess" Harry said with a sleepy voice. "Good morning" I turned to face him, he did had a sleepy face too. "Can I have a sip of your hot chocolate?" he asked me, I smile at him "Of course my love" I handed him the cup, and he took a very long sip he almost finished my hot chocolate"Maybe I should do more.." I said laughing, Harry laugh too, "yeah maybe we could do more" he said and we went to the kitchen. When we finished all the hot chocolate I said "I'm gonna take a bath in the jacuzzi, you wanna come?" "Nahh..." Harry said my eyes opened wide "WHAT?" I said "It's a jokeee" Harry said "Oh my god I though you were sick or something" "Ha. HA. HA very funny" Harry said "Hun you know you can't live without sex" "Yes I can" "No you can´t" "Why you say that?" "Cause you didn´t wait for me, and I did" "That's not fair Elena" "I know but is the truth" "Wanna bet I can survive without sex?" Harry asked me with a funny face, extending his hand "It's a bet, you wanna play, let's play" I said shaking his hand. "But we never say nothing about kissing" He said walking slowly towards me with a suspicious look I laugh at him "No we didn´t" I said walking towards him too. We met and our eyes connected our noses touch. He smile at me. "I don´t think I can win this bet, I want you so much." "I think that too" I said "What?, that you can´t win this bet cause you want me so much?" "No" I said "I don´t think you can win this bet cause you are a horny boy" I said laughing "Elena.. please stop thinking that way about me"Harry said "Ok I woill, but give me time" I totally ended the moment, we didn´t kissed, oggg why I had to do that?. and idea came to me. "Harry" I said walking to our room and giving him a 'Come here now baby cause I'm about to loose the bet' he stood up following me I lay on the bed and he came on the top of me, he kissed me, I put my hands on his ribs and then... I started tickle him. "Noooo hahahahahahaha... aaaaa. don´t...""Harry you are so gonna loose"I said still ticking him. "hahahahahahah please hahahahahah stoooooooooop hahahahahah" we lay there he was breathing fast, "Don´t do that again Elena please""Can´t promise that"  I put my head on his chest "I love you" I said "I love you more my dear" "No you don´t, end f the story" I said I knew he was smiling. I looked up at him,yeah... he was smiling, I knew him so well. I leaned to kiss him, he kissed back. I felt asleep.


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