It all happened in September

Do you believe in reincarnation??
I've reincarnated 4 times in different bodies.
My mission?
find my brother and the love of my life.<3
The problem?
I don´t know them, physically in this life.
Others name lifes:
Him: Ian
Me: Naya
Brother: Steve

I have problems to find them. Help!


6. Telling them

The boys and Paul came, they were clueless about what happened.

They start making questions about the note on the mirror, I forgot to erase it. Shit.

I can't tell them I mean if Harry and Niall really trust them we can tell them, but if it was for me I wouldnt tell'em. 

It's just too many lifes I got killed for tell the people. But well, one more life can't hurt anyboy, I think I will take the risk 

-Harry- I said

-Whuuut? - He came close to me, I took his hand and I guide him to the bathroom. He gave me a perv look.

-Oh gosh Harry stop it!! I just wanna know something..- I said laughing 

-What my love.

-Does anybody know about us.. I mean about our lifes? 

-not really, I didn't tell Niall that I know him.. have you tell him yet?

-Not really, I'm gonna tell him now.

-Ok, good luck!

-Thanks. - NIAAAAL!!!! pleaseeee come,  I'm in the bathroom!! - I said, Niall came quickly.

-What's up? what was that?

-What?- I ask

-With Harry? are you now too close? 

-Umm it's about that, I wanna talk to you about Harry and I...

-...NO WAY IN HELL ELENA! he sleeps with everything that moves! NO he's gonna break your heart.!- he said, interrupting me. I put my index in his lips making him shh.

-No Niall, he's not, cause he is Ian.

-I don´t understand Elena, Ian is Harry? but I though Ian wasn´t even born yet.

-You though wrong, you were always with the love of my life.

-Well ok, but that dosn't change the fact that he slept with every woman in the word.- he said, I made a hurt face.

He's 18 and so do I , but I've never slept with anybody, I'm a virgin, in all my lifes I wait for him. But he didn't he's not a virgin anymore.

I turned and walk away from Niall.

-Wait Sister I didn´t mean to say that you know I love you.. brothers can't be apart, I've been waiting for you since our last life- he said 

-What? - Liam said. 

Then we realize that the boys were listening. GREAT!!! the know.

-Shit Harry help us here.. - Niall said

- ok umm guys sit down please...

-Ok.. but I don´t understand vas happening... - Zayn said.

-I'm gonna explain- I said.

-You know we all are born to die, well Harry, Niall and I, we've been living 4 lifes together. 
We reincarnate every life. We search for each other, and when we finally are together someone kills us. We don´t know yet who it is but, I think that in every life we get closer to discover him o her.

-yeah yeah right you know that's not true, tell us the true!! - Zayn said.

-Fuck!!  Zayn this is the truth! We're not liyng! - Harry said.

-No pal we're not... - Niall said.

-Ok ok I believe you, but then how does this works? - Liam said

-What? - I ask

-What do you do to reincarnate ?- Liam said looking at us.

-Nothing I mean, we have a theory... 

-so.. tell us..- Liam said, I look into his beautiful eyes, oh gosh.. this is so.. showy..

-The love we have for each other keeps us in earth... but it's different in everybody.. we're not the only ones that had reincanated, some people love so much the money, the gold, the books, somebody, anything you love so so much makes you return.

-So, who you love? Niall or Harry? - Zayn said, with a jelous face.

-Harry - Niall said

-And what about Niall- Liam said.

-He's my brother... well he was in my other life, now he's my best friend.

-We've met for the first time too many years ago, she was the most beautiful girl in the town, I just couldnt help but falling for her, I did the impossible to make her mine. - Harry said.

-He did... He went to my house, my father was very angry, he didn't want that some boy just took me away, so he told Harry to find a rare flower on a mountain.
If he could find the flower then I'll be his wife. -I said

-I went to the mountain, and I fought with a dragon, believe me pals they had existed.
When I was in the top of the montain, I found the flower, I took it,  but the journey back was too difficult.
I got spine by some rare tree, almost instantly I fell. But I remember of her eyes her lips her hair and I stood up and walk to her house - Harry said, by that time he was holding my hand looking right at my eyes.

-When he called my door, he said "Here is the flower sir" and then he fall on my fathers feet. We took care of him for almost a week, and then he recovered completely. We got married and never had children, cause we got killed. - I said, still looking at his eyes.

-Of course I'm always the forgotten brother... I helped him scape from the dragon but he always forget to mention that... - Niall said looking to Harry and I.

-Yes he help me and I am very greatful Niall, you are like a brother to me. - Harry said.

-Well this is too much I think I'm gonna go... Zayn said.

-Wait, Liam, Zayn you can tell nobody about this. - Harry said.

-Pals if you tell anybody we're gonna get kill - Niall said.

In that moment Paul came. - Sorry guys I was with the police guard, he says he didn't saw anything. I'm gonna go now but if anybody needs me you can call me ok? 

-Ok Paul thanks - we said.

-I'm gonna go too - Liam said. 

-Yeah pal gonna go and stay at your house cause mine is a disaster. - Niall said.

-Sure - Liam said. and then they left Harry and I alone.

-Harry we should go home too - I said

-I love that you said "home" - Harry said.

-Shut it babe let's just go, this is freakin' me out.

We arrived to our house, and he made dinner. Spaghetti delicious by the way. We went to bed.


-what love? 

-with how many girls have you slept before me? - I said, he caugh 

-I don´t wanna tell you that my love.

-Why not? - I said know a bit angry

-cause its a big number. - he said. 

-Ok Harry - I said, took the blanket and start walking to the hall.

-Were are you going? 

-what do you think I'm doing? I'm gonna sleep on the hall, I can't stand that you fuck all the woman in the world, while I was waiting for you. Fuck Harry how could you do this to me? - I said, now he was behind me, he took my hand making me turn to face him. 

-I was horny,desesperated or whatever,  I never loved that girls. - he said, he walk closer to me, now we were nose to nose.

-yeah Harry I believe that.. you are always horny.. 

-Elena you are the one, I can't wait to make love to you.

-You are horny again...

-You don´t understand, I love you, I've been waiting for you. I need you, without you I would rather die. 

-Me too Harry I love you - I said

He put his hands in my face he look me in the eyes one more time and then he kissed me.
He put me in his arms bridal style. And he walk to our room. He put me delicately in the bed and then he was placed on top of me and started kissing me, I was nervous but I knew that nothing would happen to me, my first time in this life had to be with him, but mostly because I love him.

 He slowly began to take off my pajamas but  he never stopped kissing me, it bothered me that he knew what he was doing, that he had done it with lot of women, I took off his shirt and his pants leaving him in boxers, he slowly removed my fabric and my bra, I took the last piece of cloth left on his body.

I looked into his eyes and then into his body, he was hot, now we were naked.

He kissed me again on the lips,  then slowly went to my jaw, my neck oh gosh that felt good,my shoulder, I just couldn't wait for him now I was horny too. I wanted him in that moment.
I started feeling so wet.
He kissed in the middle of my breasts, my tummy and then when I thought he was going down he looked at me, and said:

-Elena you don´t know how much I've been waiting for you, for this moment, I'm yours forever. I love you.

And then he thrust me slowly, I was moaning that was feeling good.
He was slowly, my eyes were wide open, he was watching me.
Our eyes connected, he never took away his eyes from mine. Then he took my hands with his hands and put them up my head. 
He kissed me passionately I was feeling good, he made me feel worth it. I forgot about the other girls, I trust him, I love him. He's mine forever.

I couldn't believe my first time was with him, I thought I'll never find him, it seems that in every life he gets better in this. He always knows how to make me feel desirable. 

When we were finished he told me

-You are mine

-And you are mine - I said.

-I wanna marry you again. I don´t wanna be apart from you never again. I wanna make love to you in every second of the day cause you are my drug. 

-Harry, you are my drug too, but in this life, getting married at our age.. it's not good looking, besides your fans are gonna hate me.

-I don't care, I want you.

-Let's talk about this later ok my love?

-Ok my love.- he said, kissing my forehead, I put my head on his chest and fell asleep.


-Leave him Naya

-Never, Ian is mine I love him, I rather be death than being with you

-As you wish my dear, there is always another life for me to make you fall in love with me.

-Never my heart belongs to him, to Ian, not to you Flavio.

-I love you Naya, and you love me too, but you are to afraid to believe it.!


I was on a dark room, tied to a chair, I was wet, I didn´t new of what until I saw Flavio walking towards me with the last breath of his cigarette, he throw it to me. I was burning, I was screaming. Nobody was listening. I die. 



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Cause this was the first time of Elena I made it simple. But we all know how Harry is, so just wait.!! 

and what about Flavio!! ufff he follows Elena in every life. He loves her.



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