It all happened in September

Do you believe in reincarnation??
I've reincarnated 4 times in different bodies.
My mission?
find my brother and the love of my life.<3
The problem?
I don´t know them, physically in this life.
Others name lifes:
Him: Ian
Me: Naya
Brother: Steve

I have problems to find them. Help!


12. Surprise Surprise!

That night Harry told me that we were going to Russia, I was so happy and let me say we kissed a lot that night.


Russia 16 February. 

We are in the hotel, best hotel un Russia, he wanted to surprise me, and he did!

"Oh my gosh Harry this is awesome, we have to see everything" I say looking at his face, he's not seeing me, he's looking at the front.
I see his beautiful lips, nose, cheeks, he's so perfect. I let a sight out, and he turns to see me "What is it hun?" he ask me "Nothing" I say and blush, oh my god I have to stop watching him.

"Tell me" he say "It's just... you're so perfect" I say and blush even harder, I turn to look somewhere else. He let a laugh out and I  turn to face him with a smirk on my face "What is so funny?" I ask, he put his hands on my cheeks

"You're perfect, even more than perfect, the way you look at me, the way you make me feel, the way your hands moves everytime you're talking, the way your eyes shine when we talk about our pasts lifes, the way you move, the way you make love to me, like you wanna be rude but you're so cute, your smile, your eyes, your lips" he make a pause to take some air, my eyes are watering, and a tear scape my eyes, he look at me and put his huge finger on the tear, and wipe it away "So my love, I'm perfect cause you make me perfect" he says and kiss my nose. I laugh and snob "Harry I love you" I say while smiling "I love you more, please don´t cry" he say and kiss my lips softly.

We spent a month in Russia, it was amazing, the culture, the buildings, the history, I fell in love with Russia. Even with the people and their accent. But the most I liked about Russia was when Harry and I were under the blankets naked.

We're in London now. March 20. 

"Honey what are we gonna do today?" I ask him, while making breakfast. Hot cakes, the best, oranje juice to Harry, cause I prefer cold milk. 
"Just laying in bed all day, but if you wanna go outside, we can" he says while taking a piece of a hot cake. His other hand is on my waist, and he's looking at the pancake with a lovely face. 'I have to feed him more often' I think to myself and laugh at the though. Harry looks at me and smile "What?" he ask "Nothing, is just the fact that you're eating like you've never eaten before" 

"Ha.Ha Elena very funny, I have to eat you now" he says putting his hands on my sides, then he start kissing my neck while making me tickles I leave the pan and start laughing "No Harry pleasssse stop it, I'm gonna pee" "this is revange" he says laughing "Pleasse I'll do whatever you want" I say making a puppy face "Really?" he says while letting me go "NO" I say and grab his penis with my hand "I'm your master!" I say "Elena what are you doing?, this is not good, don´t hurt me please" "I don´t know... maybe" "No please, I'll do whatever you want" Harry says with puppy eyes "Cute" I say while I get  closer to him, so close that our lips are barely touching.

"GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!" I shout and he start laughing "Elena, you're such a tease" "I know baby" I say and look at his hard erection "Harry, you better go and take care of yourself" I say while laughing, he look down and blush, he tries to cover it but it's useless so he run to our room. I laugh for ten more minutes.

We eat our breakfast and go straight to bed and watch 'The lord of the rings' 

"It's my favorite" I say and grab a bunch of popcorns "I know!" Harry says. 
 I'm laying on his arm and his hand is playing with my hair, I love that. His other hand if full of popcorn.

"This is my favorite part" I say, he puts more attention to the telly. Gollum is talking to the ring 'My treasure' Gollum says and I laugh "Oh my god Gollum is so... ugly" I say "Not as ugly as you" Harry says and start laughing. I look at him and punch him on the stomach "Auch, ELENA!" he says and I laugh "You're such a lady" I say "You didn´t just said that!" he says seriously while getting closer to my face, this is so scary, my nose is touching his and his eyes are locked in mine "Yes" I say trying to sound serious but I know my voice sounds a little nervous "Okey then..." he says and turn to watch the movie again. 

I let a breath out and watch Gollum and the ring "You better not give me a ring like that" I say still looking at the tely.


"why not?" he asks "That ring is beautiful, I'm gonna buy it and give it to you" "No way Harry please don´t" I say almost begging "Well, I won´t give it to you" he says looking at the telly, "Yeah, and who are you gonna give it to?" I ask raising my eyebrow, he swallow the popcorns and look at me "To my other girlfriend" "you don´t have other girlfrind, I'm the only one" I say looking at him right in the eye "I have a millions of girlfriends!" he says laughing and I punch him in the arm "Bullshit"  I shout "Elenaaa when are you gonna understand you're the onyl one?" he asks and I kiss his lips.


Late that night I was sleeping but suddenly the phone start ringing "Hello?" I hear Harry answering "Who?" he asks "Oh, hey!, no, she's sleeping, ummm no no, she doesn´t know" he makes a pause "Yes, we can meet tomorrow" he says and let a breath out "Ok" I try to listen but I can´t hear anything "Yes,... Yes... Ok... no she won´t know about this I promess" he says and I start feeling worried "I promess ok? Bye" he says and hang up the phone. I can feel he's moving, he's moving closer, he kiss my forehead and hug me, and within minutes he's assleep. I want to open my eyes, but I know if a open them he'll find out I was hearing.

When I make sure he's really sleeping I stand and grab his phone, I copy the number and get back to bed. Tomorrow I'm gonna take care of this. I turn my face and look at him but he's sleeping, he's face is so peacefull. I kiss his lips and he open his eyes.

"Harry you scared me" I say "Sorry" he says and make a smirk. I put my hand on his face, I know I'm a little angry but I can´t help it, I want him so bad right now.

"Harry?" I say looking at his eyes, my eyes don´t have lust at all they're just begging "Yeah?" he asks biting his low lip, I get closer to him "Please?" I say begging, I don´t have to say anything else.

His lips crash on mine, first they're rough but then they get soft, his hands start stroking my sides softly as his hands finds my bra, his lips are on my neck, he's setting my skin on fire. I left a moan out. But that moan hurts, on my heart.

I take off his underwaer down with my hands, now we're naked. Our eyes met and he kiss my forehead while he slowly start thrusting me. I left another moan out. He's looking at my face, he's searching for something but he can´t find it.
He takes my hand and interwind our fingers, I hold it tight. I never wanna let him go again.


I search for his eyes, but now he's looking right at our hands, he feels my sight and he face me.


He smiles at me and star going faster, I grown, it feels so good, but so bad at the same time. I grown again.


He start going faster, he knows what he's doing, he's hitting my spot, over and over again. I put my hand in my mouth and arch my body, my other hand is still with Harry's hand. I scream but it doesn´t sounds loud cause of my hand.


When we're finished we lay in bed hugging each other,my back is on his chest, his arms are holding me so tight, the hit from his body is the closest to heaven. I love him that it hurts so much.


I don´t know why but I start crying, silently. He don´t notice. I look at the door of our bedroom and think 'Why is he cheating on me? Am I too old for him? Have we lived to many lives? But I love him. Another tear falls over my nose, and slowly falls to my pillow. I want to feel him, I need him, I love him so much. Why? And with that question I fall asleep.


Sometimes love isn´t always all fun, sometimes it hurts, but you have to be brave. Cause this is all about surviving. Pass the test and you'll live happy.




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