It all happened in September

Do you believe in reincarnation??
I've reincarnated 4 times in different bodies.
My mission?
find my brother and the love of my life.<3
The problem?
I don´t know them, physically in this life.
Others name lifes:
Him: Ian
Me: Naya
Brother: Steve

I have problems to find them. Help!


4. Stay with me


"Ian I´ve missed you, my love," I said looking in his deep blue eyes.

"I´ve missed you a lot Naya."

"Can we go to another place, the cemetery it´s just creepy."

"Yes, let´s go, we can go to my flat."

"Ok" I said, we walk, I thought the people were watching us, but I think it´s only my imagination. We arrived to a big building, it was very comfy I might add.

"Welcome to your new house, you can live with me if you want," he said, I felt like, it was ok cause I new him since my first life, but I don´t know who is he now. I saw his beautiful eyes, and thought of all the girls he fucked when I wasn't with him, I think I was jealous. Of course I love him. 

"Ok I´m gonna stay," he looked at me, grabbed my hand and say "I´m gonna show you the house" we walk around the house while he was saying the name of the room where we were. "Kitchen, balcony, lounge, our room." I think I made a rude face because he said, "If you don´t want us to sleep together I can sleep on the lounge.  I felt bad.

"No of course not, its your house, I can sleep on the lounge!"

"Naya please, are you afraid of me? I´m not gonna touch you if you don´t want me to." 

"I´m not scared!" 

"Well prove it," he said

"Ok then, I´m gonna sleep in your room."

"Of course you are, you can´t resist me."

"Ok Mr. Handsome, let´s sleep then."

"Come on my princess" I lay beside him not facing him, so he put his hand on my stomach making me get closer to him, my back was on his stomach and my head on his arm, he started to play with my hair.

I´m blonde, brown eyes, medium height, and thin. 

"Naya" he said.

"Mhm?" I muttered 

"Can I ask what´s your name? " I could feel his breathing on my neck, that absolutely was turning me on.

"Elena, yours?" 


"Harry? Harry like Harry Potter?"

"No my love, Harry like Harry Styles."

"Are you that Harry?" I muttered almost asleep. 

"Yes I am." 

"Cool." I felt asleep

next morning*******

I wake up, and the first thing I hear is music, very loud I might say, I turn to see the clock "Shit" it´s 1:00 "Mother f---." I know I´m very rude. I don´t care.

I took a bath, put some jeans shorts, large t-shirt, and boots. Sexy.

I went downstairs "Morning," I said, Harry put the pan down, and came to kiss my lips, I froze. 

"What? Do I smell bad?" 

"Not it´s not that, it´s just, I know that I know you but...I don´t know you in this life, give me time please?"

"Ok, my love whatever makes you happy." 

We ate breakfast, brush my teeth, smile to the mirror, cute. Harry was at my side, brushing his teeth too, he smiled too, I think that was our old habit I laugh because after that he said

"Cute. Elena I want you to meet my friends."

"Ok, I think, but what if they don´t like me?"

"What are you saying? Silly, they are gonna love you! I hope not that much, cause you are mine."

"I´m not a property "

"You are mine Elena, shut up and accept it." 

"Ok, whatever makes you happy," I said imitating what he said to me at breakfast. He laugh, and kissed my lips. We put our Ray Ban glasses, we rock! I mean I looked at us at the mirror, we were 'perfecto' together like if were meant to be. 

****Someone's House**** 

We arrived at someones house, his name is Zayn.

"Hey Zayn whats up?" Harry said. 

"Hey Harry, who is this?" He said looking at me, with a big smile on his face, I had my glasses on, and thank God cause when I saw him, I swear my pupils dilated. But I only smiled.

"She is Elena, and old friend," he said, I was confused. Why is he saying that? 

"Hi Elena I´m Zayn."

"Hey Zayn, good to meet you, I´m single by the way." I said looking at Harry, his face was confused too, but then his face changed, now he was smiling. WHAT? Why he is smiling? Ok then, he wants to play? Let´s play.

"Ok, so you and Harry are nothing?" 

"NNothing at all!" I said placing emphasis in the "n" and then I smiled. Ok Harry my love, the game it´s started. Harry went for a soda to the kitchen.

"Elena this is Liam, Liam this is Elena" Liam was, were to start? Beautiful eyes, beautiful smile, strong and masculine voice, sure of himself, attractive. 

"Hi" I said "Hello" he said, and then we shake hands. Strong hands I might add. But then when everything was so perfect, his girlfriend appeared, kissing him on the lips. Damn!

"Hello, I´m Danielle," she said, she was pretty, I like her.

"Hi i´m Elena, Harry's friend." Zayn took my hand, we stood in front of a tall guy.

"Elena this is Louis, Harry's best friend, well, we all are best friends but they have like a "bromance" I laughed.

"Hey Louis" I said.

"Hey Elena, what's up? Are you Harry's secret girlfriend?" He said, very loud and with a strange voice, I couldn't help but laugh 

"Nope, I´m Harry's friend, we´ve been friends since birth," I said looking at Harry who was now standing behind me.

"Cool, he mentions you a lot!" He said with a smile.

"Does he?" I said with a suspicious look and a smile.

"Louis! You don´t have to say that," Harry said. then he punched him on the arm.

"Ouch," Louis said.

"Sorry Boo Bear," Harry said. so it was true, they do have a bromance. How cool is that?

"And at last, but not less important we have a little leprechaun here!" Zayn said.

"Hey dude, don´t make me look like any leprechaun. I´m THE leprechaun," he said, Zayn laughed, well they all laughed. I didn´t get it.

"I´m Niall." he said. Now I get it, he was Irish. Sexy. "I've already met you, Elena isn't it? 

"yea in the park, and yes Niall I'm Elena " I said 

 We shook hands, and then I pass out. 


"Naya come on! it´s not funny, mama and papa are gonna be mad! NAYA!"

We were playing hide-and-seek. I walk silently, I stood behind him and shout "BOO"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH," he shouted, I laughed I was in tears now, you should´ve seen his face. But now he was crying. "You scared me to death Naya, it´s not funny." 

"Sorry Steve, I couldn´t help it. I love you" I said drying his tears. 

"I love you too, sister," we hugged "Sister...?"

"Yes brother?"

"Promise me we are never going to be apart"

"I promise."

*************end of the dream**************

Comment if you want me to update more.

thanks :) 



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