It all happened in September

Do you believe in reincarnation??
I've reincarnated 4 times in different bodies.
My mission?
find my brother and the love of my life.<3
The problem?
I don´t know them, physically in this life.
Others name lifes:
Him: Ian
Me: Naya
Brother: Steve

I have problems to find them. Help!


9. I love you.


It was still December, Spain was beautiful but cold. "Harry this is amazing" " I can't believe we lived here" "I know, I dreamed of it, remember?" "Yeah, I do, babe...??" he asked me. "What?" "You should write a diary, so you can remember this life" "I'll do it, but I was thinking that maybe.."
"Don´t say it" he said unhappy
"You don´t know what I was going to say Harry, I was going to say that maybe we are not gonna live another life, maybe we're gonna die finally"
"Yeah I know, you say that in all of our lifes"    "I do not!" I defended myself.
"Ugg Elena I keep a diary and write eveything so I can remember all the details"
" yes? and were do you keep them?"
"In Spain of course" "Were?" "In our house Elena!!" "Sorry" I said when I noticed he was getting a little angry "Don´t worry, you wanna go to the circus? I got tickets" "Oh my, of course I love circus"
" I know you do"

We went to 'Cirque du Soleil' it was amazing I almost cried, the people on the crowd were shouting we were on fire, the show was amazing and beautiful. When the show was finished I told Harry "That was really worth it"
"I know, all you ask for it's really worth it" I kissed him "Do you remember one act in particular?" I asked him "Yeah, the girl that was on the fabric silk"
"yeah that one, she was beautiful, she was in love with her job"
" I noticed that too, but did you noticed that she was looking to one particular person on the crowd?"
" No I didn´t, but wait... I'm noticing you saw her a little too much Harry I'm jelous now"
"No my dear I only have eyes for you"
"I'm just saying Harry"I punch him nicely in his arm and he kissed my nose.

"We should go to the movies hun" I said to Harry
"yeah we should but I'm a bit tired right now"
"Ok, then tomorrow, tomorrow is a good day" I said smiling.
 "But today it's my favorite day" Harry said and looked at me then he said "I have an idea, go to the house in an hour, I have to go now, but we'll see each other in an hour ok?"
"Just go!" he said and he leave me there, I though 'what the hell..' and I started walking to the house.

I was thinking about my mom, I know she's not my real real real mom, but I was inside her 9 months so she was my mom, and I love her, maybe I should call her sometime, well yeah... my mom knows about my reincarnation thing and she absolutly stands me, my father left my mom 5 years ago, she was a mess, I helped her in every way I could, now she has a boyfriend, and she's happy as hell.
"She's my baby" I said it out loud.
"Naya?" someone said
"Excuse me, who are you?" I asked
"I'm Isabella, well in my other life I was Francesca"
"Sorry?" I asked again
"you don't remember me? I was your best friend" I remembered a blond girl with green eyes and beautiful smile.

No way... she was Francesca.
"Are you really Francesca?" I said curiously
"Yes Naya!! let me prove it" she extended her hand and pull up her sweater showing a tattoo it was and infinite sign and in the right side there was an eye, I jumped "Francesca" I shout "I've missed you"
"I've missed you too" she said "Naya show me your mark" I did the same as her, but instead of and eye I got eyelashes and of course the inifinite sign.

I looked at her she was smiling and then she started saying "No matter where you are.." and I continued "I'm always gonna find you.." and then we both said together "cause you are my sister" yeah she was Francesca or Isabella?
"Naya, what's up with your new life?" she shout
"Oh jeeeeezzz Isabella shut it, someone is gonna hear us"
"Cool out" she said "Naya what's you name?" she asked me, it was a ridiculous question but it was important "I'm Elena"I said
 "You have a nice name, and you are pretty too"
"You are too, in all your lifes you get the best body" I said
 "Don´t start Elena..."
"What?, I'm saying nothing but the truth"
"You got a hot body too Elena"
"and a hot boyfriend" I said smiling
 "NO WAY ELENAAA YOU FIND HIM ALREADY?" she shout too loud I put my hands on my ears
"For the love of Zeus Isabella shut upppp" I said now annoyed
"UPS!, you are a little grumpy in this life aren´t you?"
" I know I am I can´t help it, sorry"
"No worries, well I already found him too, his name is Ed, what's the name of Ian in this life?" she asked me "Harry, not like Harry Potter, like Harry Styles" her eyes grew wide
"Oh my fucking Zeus" she said almost shouting... again.  
"I know I told you he was hot, and by the way I have to go, cause he's waiting for me"
"Of course, just give me you number so we can meet again"
"Yeah is this one" I told her my number, we kissed goodbye and then I walked home.

"Hun I'm home!!" I said putting my bag on the chair.
"Love it took you forever to arrive"
"I know I'm sorry, I was talking with Francesca!" I said jumping
"Francesca as Francesca!!??" he said
" YES!" I said, now I was shouting.
"Oh and where is she?" he asked curious
  "I left her cause you were waiting for me, but I got her number"
"That's fantastic my love"
"I know, and changing the subject.. why did you left me?" I asked him, and the he smiled at me "Cause I got a surprise for you"
"And what is it?"
"Come and look" he said pointing our room.
"Wow" I said.

Our room was fulled of little colored papers and in every paper was written something.
I walked closer, in one was written

'It took me...' and then there was a little arrow pointing the next little paper I follow the arrow

'18 years' another one

' to find you' another

' but now that' another one

' you are here' an another

' I want to' another one

' ask you' and.. another one

' something important'

 But there wasn´t another little paper, instead there was Harry looking at me, he took my hand and guide me to our bathroom. I saw the jacuzzi, the candles the petals
"Oh my gosh Harry this is beautiful"
"I did it just for you"
I walked closer to the jacuzzi and then it hited me, the petals formed 5 words 'Be my wife again please' a tear scaped my eye. "Yes, yes yes and a thousend times yes"
"I love you Elena always had and always will" he kissed me and then I look at him
"I have loved you for a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand more" I said.


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