It all happened in September

Do you believe in reincarnation??
I've reincarnated 4 times in different bodies.
My mission?
find my brother and the love of my life.<3
The problem?
I don´t know them, physically in this life.
Others name lifes:
Him: Ian
Me: Naya
Brother: Steve

I have problems to find them. Help!


13. cheater vs stalker

Next morning...

I wasn´t happy at all, I was feeling pleaced but at the same time unhappy. That call last night gave me chills. I trust Harry but I don´t trust other people.

I yawn and stretch. "Morning" Harry says with a smile, he's laying next to me, his arms are under his head, I examinate his body, searching for something different, some guilt on his body. But I can only find his skin, his sensitive skin.

I make a fake smile "Morning" while sitting up grabbing the blanket and covering my body, he sits up next to me and kisses my shoulder setting my shoulder on fire. "I love you" I say looking at the mirror in front of us "And I love you too" Harry says, I turn to face him and he peck my lips and stand up to the bathroom.

I can feel he's different with me, I breath deeply and stand up putting my clothes on.
I walk towards the kitchen and start making some eggs, suddenly I hear the shower. Strange. 

I finished the breakfast and Harry comes to the kitchen "Smells good hun" he says kissing my lips, I don´t say anything. While we are eating he starts talking about some things but I'm not listening to him, I'm just staring at his lips.

"So I have to go, but I'll be back" I hear him saying, suddenly I wake up from my thoughts "Where?" I ask him "With the boys" he says while taking another bite of his eggs. "Oh" was the only thing I was able to say. He finish his breakfast and stand up to peck my lips. "Bye" he says while closing the door. 

I left a sigh out of my mouth. Suddenly my eyes open wide. I run to our room and grab my phone, searching for the number I wrote last night, I find it and press 'Call' the phone makes the 'beeep' beeep' but there's no answer "Shit" I say and grab my pants and a sweater. I run to the front door and shut it behind me. I'm gonna follow him.

I'm outside now, and I can see he's walking slowly to the next corner. I look at him and start following him. "Let's see what's going on" I say to myself. 

We arrive to a lost house, in the middle of the street, maybe I'm just imagine it but the suddenly it was getting colder. I put my hands on my arms trying to get hotter. This is freaking me out, maybe I should go back. "Oh hey Harry" I hear someone say and I turn fast to face the place the voice is comming "Hey georgous" I hear him say "I was waiting for you" is deffenitly a woman, our age. "I know, sorry, Elena was there" he says. That make my heart skip a beat. "I know she's a waist of time"

I can hear Harry making a little growl and I hide a little more but wanting to watch, so I take a little step and poke a little more. My eyes start watering and suddenly my voice vanish. I can´t believe what my eyes are seeing.

Harry's mouth is on her mouth, her toungh is inside him and her hands are on his bum. She bite his lips and he growls again. Another tear falls down my cheek and hit my boot, I look down and see that little tear.

Is nothing but water, and this love I feel for Harry is nothing for him.

I sniff and start walking towards our home. I sniff again and look at the sky to clear my eyes and my mind.

I find a park and I sit on a bench, I see little boys and girls playing with their parents. I see some couples kissing and holding hands. Another tear falls down my cheek.

I can help but only imagine they're fucking right now. 

My head hurts.

Every touch, every kiss, every smile, every laugh, every fight.

His hands, the way he talks to me, his eyes, the way he cares about me, every life I had with him.

I sniff and wipe away my tear. I let a sigh out.

"Don´t cry" I hear someone say while sitting by my side "You're too beautifull to cry"

"Umm thanks, it's ok" I say standing up "Have a nice day"

"Wait don´t go" the guy says " I wanna talk to you" he says again while grabbing my hand and I look at him. Now I really look at him, he has read head and I think I know him.

"What you wanna talk with me" I say looking down to our hands and then to his face, he's smiling.

"About the past" He say whit a creepy smile, showing all his teeth, and I feel  goosebumps bad goosebumps

"What about it?" I say trying to smile, but something inside me says he knows me too well.

"Don´t you remember my love?"

"my love?" I say removing my hand from his "who are you?" I say a little too loud as people start staring at us.

"Don't shout my love people are staring, you don´t wanna let them know about us!"

"us? there's is no us" I say starting to walk away

"Come on, don´t go my love" he says and I start running towards the house

I enter the house and lock the door

"HARRY!!" but there's no answer "Shit" I should have known he's with her.

I run to the kitchen and grab a knife. 

I walk to the front door and face the door just in case. My knife falls as I hear someone hitting the door. "Come on my love" 

"Go away" I scream "I'm calling the police"

"No you´re not"

"YES" I scream again like a little child.

"If you call the police Harry dies!" he says. My heart stops and my hand suddenly is on my chest. He starts laughing.  "you see.. if you don´t let me in he'll die" 

"I don´t believe you" I say too low but he hears it anyway

"Well, don´t let me in, but tomorrow your Harrys is not gonna be here to tell you everything is alright" I hear he start walking

I grab my cellphone and I dial him " come on, come on" but he doesn´t answer

I try again "Hey love, what is it?" "HARRY?" "Yes love whats going on, are you ok?" "HARRY ARE YOU OK?" "Yes I'm with the boys" I try to hear a little better and I can hear Nialls laugh "Ok, Harry listen there's a guy trying to..." there's a strange noise "Elena are you there?" there's no answer "Elena??? ELENA?? SHIT!"

"Don´t come after her" a voice says and then the line dies. 





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