It all happened in September

Do you believe in reincarnation??
I've reincarnated 4 times in different bodies.
My mission?
find my brother and the love of my life.<3
The problem?
I don´t know them, physically in this life.
Others name lifes:
Him: Ian
Me: Naya
Brother: Steve

I have problems to find them. Help!


10. Catch my breath

London: January 

I was with Harry in every second that he needed me, sometimes he was out, but I use that time to think, to write my new diary/journal or to search more about our past. 
Harry was out, he went with the boys to some meeting, so I decided to go on the internet and search 'Francesca de La Torre' it wasn´t a long page but I read the whole document. 
It said she died 20 years later than me, she was married with some Flavio, they didn´t had children but it seems that they die, cause they killed themselves.

"Oh my..." I said, I have to ask her why she killed herself, maybe that Flavio made her did it.
Wait a minute...
It was like a flash back. Flavio? I remembered the 'F' on the mirror, my dream about some Flavio. 
I slowly walk to my coach and rest there. What the hell? In my dream Flavio was tall with red hair and thin. 
Maybe I should ask more about this new boyfriend of Isabella. Maybe... Maybe not.

"Baby I'm home!" Harry said
"And I'm right here, don´t shout."
"Little grumpy?"
"Just a little, my head hurts badly."
"Dunno, but maybe if you kiss me then the pain will go away" I said while smiling at him, Harry walks towards me and kisses my head.
"Harry not my head! My lips!" I said and he laughs while he puts a hand on my cheek and kisses my lips. "Is that ok?" he asked me

"Yeah I think the pain is gone"

"Perfect cause I have a surprise for you, come," he said guiding me to the front door, before he opened the door he put his hands over my eyes, "don´t look," he said

"I won't," I said I wanted to know what was my surprise.

When we were outside he let me saw, it was a car "A car!!??" I shouted a little surprised and a little confused "Wow it's um... amazing?" I said/asked
"What's the problem hun, don´t you like the car?" Harry asked.
"I love the car it's just umm... I don´t know how to drive" I said a little ashamed of myself. 
"Don´t worry babe I'll teach you" Harry said 
"Well thanks Mr. Styles" I said smiling at him I hugged him and kissed him.
"Whatever you want Mrs. Styles" he said winking an eye
"Babe I love you" I said a little loud "But I love you more end of the story" he said smiling and I laugh.

Wanna try now?" Harry asked me
"Well of course" "Ok then.." he said, he walked towards the driver door and he opened it, then he made a ´come on sit' gesture I laugh and started walking to the driver seat. He closed my door and he walked to the passanger seat.

"Ok, first of all and this is the most important rule" he said. "Put on your seat belt" I did what he told me 
"Check" I said 
"Now start the car" I did... "Check" I said again.
"Now you look at the mirrors.... all of them, check there's no car, ready?" 
"Ready" I said "Now go" he said

I was driving so... slow. Harry was pacient with me, but it make me think that he only was with me, cause he likes cars. Well, maybe if I go faster he'll be proud of me... I went from slowly to faster I was proud of myself, I turn to see Harry but I didn´t saw the car that was forward us and... "CRAAASSHH" oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.
"NO SHIT???" he says angrily.

After hours of discussion with the other car...

"I'm sorry" I said now I was crying, he wasn´t proud of me, he was angry. After a couple of hours cause he had to pay my disaster... we were in our home.
"Harry.." I started to say but he cut me off
"It's ok Elena I should had told you not to go faster"
"I'm so sorry Harry I won't drive ever again" 
"Don´t be silly Elena I'll teach you again when the car is fix" he said, I was sad 
"Why I can´t do anything right?" I said while a tear stream down my face. 
"Never say that again Elena, you are the most right thing in the world, we all make mistakes don´t worry" 
"But Harry I crash your car" I said sobbing, he walked towards me and put his hand on my cheek and his forehead with mine.
"First af all, it's you car, and second of all this can be fixed, we have to thank that we're alive and together my love" he said in a soft voice "I love you Elena and I would die if anything happens to you"
" I love you too Harry" I said

We looked at each other eyes for second and then Harry started kissing me softly but I didn´t want to be nice so I started kissing him harder I put my hands on his face and he put his hands on my waist, he started taking my tee shirt off and I did the same with him. I felt his fingers running up and down my sides setting my skin on fire. I let my fingertips run down his chest and brush along his already hard erection. 

He groaned against my lips as I lightly squeezed, growling he slightly pulls away, "Stop teasing." 

I smile as our lips rejoin and my fingers undo his trouser buttons. He slowly starts to kiss down my cheek and onto my neck, gently biting the sensitive skin. I moaned as I took hold of him in my hands, causing him to join in with my own cries of pleasure. 

He started to move down further, placing kisses in between my breasts. I release him from my grasp as he skims his lips against the hem of my underwear. My head falling back as he tickles the skin, and as I begun to loose control. 

Then he slowly started kissing my body desesperatly until he bite my underwaer making it roll down my legs, when my underwear is in the floor he looks at me and smiles with lust in his eyes. "No more nice Harry"  he said, and he slowly crowls over me, he kissed my breasts still looking at my eyes, he never took his eyes of mine.

I'm laying on bed and he's is on top of me, kissing me, more like teasing me, cause he's just bitting my lip. I roll my legs into his waist and started pulling down his jeans with my feet. "No more nice Elena" I said.

Once his pants were on the floor he slowly start thrusting me so I say "Faster" he look at me and wink an eye, he's teasing again "come on Harry, stop teasing I want you" "Beg" he said "you want me to beg?" I asked him "Yes" he said looking at me with lust.

"No" I said while I grab his back and roll him over the bed, now he's the one laying and I'm the one on the top. I sit on top of him filling myself with him, while I start to move "oh... it feels so good" I said and start moving faster, his hands are on my waist helping me to move faster. My breasts are moving up and down and my hands are on his chest I'm looking at him right in the eyes, I put my hand on my clit and start massaging, I move faster, up and down "HARRY" I said screaming.

"Elena don´t stop" he said I move even faster, "Oh my god" I feel my walls start closing "Oh my god Harry" my legs started shaking, I made and arch with my back and my hair touches his legs, I undo the arch a fall abruptly to the front,my hands besides his head. I see his eyes and slowly put my lips besides his ear and start breathing, his lips are letting out more louder breaths, that is totally making me come I look again at him and when I'm about to kiss him I come "aaaah my fucking god" I said arching my body again, I feel my sweat run down my breasts, once I'm done I look at him again, he's biting his lips with a smirk on his face. 

He put his hands on my hair making me come closer to his face our lips barely touching "Are you done?" he said "Yes" I said and he put a smile on his face "I'm not" he said and I bite his low lip, he kissed me back and his hands start running my back, he pauses and before I knew anything he rolled me over the bed, Now he's on top of me.

"Don´t be scare" he said and thrust me so hard that I left a gasp out, I look at him, that hurted me, but he's not aware of that, so he''s still doing it, pushing very hard and faster "oh my.. oh my.. Harry.. Harry, don´t stop" I said gasping, my breasts are moving up and down, he is looking at my eyes.

After a while he come closer to me and our eyes met he kiss my nose, then my ear, his tounge touches my ear and it makes me grown, he bit my ear "you. are. mine" he said between gasps I grown louder again, he smiles and start kissing my neck and goes down to my breasts. He's making my feel so good, the hit from his body is making me come again. He's bites my nipples and makes my grown even louder, I can feel my walls start closing,and I can feel he's going faster "elena say my name" he said taking my hair with his hands "say it Elena" "Harry" "louder" he says "HARRY" "HARRY aaa HARRY, oh fuck fuck HARRY" i said and then I arch my body making me come, he comes too, we gasp at the same time.

Our breathing is so loud, we lie on the bed looking at the ceilling, we stay like that for 10 minutes trying to catch our breaths, when I'm better I turn to look at him, but he's already looking at me so I smile "Hey babe" I said "hey my love" 
"Was I okey?" I asked him "You were much more than ok, you were perfect" he said and I blush, he takes a lock of hair of me face "Harry" I said taking his hand off of my face "What hun?" he said and I take his hand and put it on my breasts "can you feel my heart?" I asked him, he think for a second "yes, why?" I look straigh at him "cause it's beating for you" I said an close my eyes.

"I love you" I said "I love you more" he said but by that time I was already sleeping. I can feel a hand in my face "I love you more than you could ever imagine" he said.




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