I wont change...

Its just a one direction fanfic I'm writing when I have nothing to do. If your name corresponds with the name of any character in the story, please take it as a mere coincidence. Please leave a comment, I would love to read them. Thank you. :)


6. We are engaged


[[Review: Louis had just asked Melanie's friend Stella out, and they both are very happy...and everyone else is happy too...all except Liam. Why is Liam not happy? What could be the reason? On the other hand, Harry needs to say something to Melanie, so he called her to his house at 7pm the next day. Melanie is scared.]] Oh god. Oh my god!! Today's the day...I have no idea what he wants to tell me. Is he going to break up with me? Oh no no no...please..no. I went to Harry's at 7pm. He was in a tux, and he looked damn cute!! But I wished I was wearing a gown..it kinda would match with him. But I was wearing shorts and a light blue hoodie..Its kinda weird. Harry: Oh hey babe, looking gorgeous today.. Me: Ha ha..thanks, btw, I've never seen you look so handsome like you look today!! Harry: Lol, ok, ok...we'll go to some caffe and talk, ok? Me: Yeah sure *heart full of worries* We went over to Harry's car..and he drove..We went to a big caffe called 'Lovebirds' I was feeling kinda releaved. I saw that it was empty besides the waiters...I supposed Harry had booked it for the day. Waiter: Sir, Madame, please come over here, and sit down. Harry: Yeah sure..come over here babe.. Me: Yeah  The waiter went away...I could feel my heart pounding... Harry: Well, I just wanted to tell you...that...[he blushed] Me: What? *I dont have any idea* Harry: Will....you....marry...me?? [He said, opening a red box which had a diamont ring in it] Me: Oh my god...Yes Hazz...I sure will!! I love you lots xx Harry: I love you more than anything babe...[saying this he slipped the ring on my finger] I cant believe I'm engaged with Harry Styles from One Direction!!!  
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