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Its just a one direction fanfic I'm writing when I have nothing to do. If your name corresponds with the name of any character in the story, please take it as a mere coincidence. Please leave a comment, I would love to read them. Thank you. :)


7. Liam springs a surprise


[[Review: Harry and Melanie had just been engaged. None of their friends knew about it yet. Meanwhile, in this chapter we'll know why Liam was upset about Louis and Stella's relationship]] Harry and I didn't tell anyone about our engagement. We wanted it to be secret, and give them a surprise. We were going for a night out....with friends. We called them up. Louis was a bit reluctant, because he had his date with Stella that day. But he agreed. We were on our way in a big car...we would be driving all night, taking turns...Now Zayn was driving. Harry: Any one of you guess what the purpose of this night out is?? Louis: To cancel my date with Stella?? [He laughed hard] [Everyone started laughing] Me: I and Harry want to tell you guys something... Srija: Tell us then!! Perrie: Whats the damn use of keeping us waiting, you bitch??!! [Nobody minded. That was because almost everyone of us was drunk, except Liam, we all know why] Harry: Ok the thing is that.. Me: I and Harry are... Harry: ENGAGED!!! Chloe: Woooohooooo!!! Three cheers!! Louis: Congrats buddy!! Zayn: Yayy can I be your bridesmaid Mel?? [We all laughed again] Niall: When are we guys gonna eat? Me: Niall, did you even notice that I'm engaged..?? Niall: No, oh sorry, congrats!! Liam was the only person to be silent all the time. Stella gave him a poke  Stella: Whats the matter Liam? Why are you so sad?  Liam: No no, its nothing [He blushed] All of us: Huh??!! Liam: Ok see there's a cafe. We'll go there. So all of us got down from the car. I and Harry were the last, we had a kiss of the night. Everyone was already out of the car, and when we got out, we saw that Liam was waiting outside. Harry and I were shocked and surprised. Liam: Its just that I wanted to tell you something... Harry: Yeah go on.. Liam: You're the only two people I trust..I trust Srija too, but I cant tell her this. I know that Louis and Stella are in a relationship, but I can't resist that. I cannot resist Stella. She is so gorgeous. I dont know what to do.. I and Harry stared at him with our mouths wide open. Then suddenly some one came out of the shadows. It was Srija. Srija: Liam, I heard it all... :/
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