I wont change...

Its just a one direction fanfic I'm writing when I have nothing to do. If your name corresponds with the name of any character in the story, please take it as a mere coincidence. Please leave a comment, I would love to read them. Thank you. :)


1. Beach with friends


I still remember that day. That day I and Harry first met. It was all so simple, yet wonderful. I remember, I walked up to the table, trembling hands holding the t-shirt i wanted them to sign. The way he gazed at me...and finally asked me out. I can never forget that day. And now as I am laying down on the nice, warm sand of the beach with my best friends and our boyfriends, I still think about that day... Chloe: Hey Melanie, we're gonna go down into the water...coming with us?? Me: Uh-huh..[I nodded lazily] Srija: Last to reach the water is a spoilt egg!! Come on Liam!! Before I could get up or move, I felt the soft, familiar hands wrapping around my waist, and in a moment i was on Harry's shoulder. He ran to the water, and without me knowing he playfully dropped me into the water... Me: Hey Hazz, what're you doin??!! Harry: Nothin babe, oyy Zayn! Niall! Liam! coming with me?? going far out into the sea! Zayn: Okay buddy..me coming.. Liam: Pity Lou and El aren't here..it would have been fun! But El broke her ankle today..and it was Lou's fault, and he took her to the doc. All of us: Yeahh, pity... So the boys were going far out into the sea...Niall came back to kiss Chloe passionately on the lips and Harry to splash salty water all over me... Sometimes I wish he wasn't so playful... So they went far out, till they were out of our sights.. We girls went back to the beach again.. Soon after 15 minutes or so, we could see them again, not four of them but only 3! and we could see that they were running. Zayn ran up right to me...instead of Perrie. Zayn: Mel, the most awful thing has happened. A shark attacked Harry and we ran away to save ourselves!! Me: Ha ha. Great joke Zayn Niall: DONT YOU BELIEVE US, YOU SILLY GIRL?? Me: WHAT?!?!? Hazz, WHERE ARE YOU?? [I screamed] Liam: He's gone...
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