I wont change...

Its just a one direction fanfic I'm writing when I have nothing to do. If your name corresponds with the name of any character in the story, please take it as a mere coincidence. Please leave a comment, I would love to read them. Thank you. :)


2. Bad news


[[Review: Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall with their girlfriends were out in the beach for the day. Louis and Eleanor couldnt come because El broke her ankle and Lou took her to the doctor. The girls were lazing in the sun while the boys were far out into the sea. Suddenly Liam Zayn and Niall came back to inform Melanie (harry's gf) that Harry was attacked by a shark and was dead.]]   Suddenly I felt wet hands cover my eyes, and a deep, familiar voice said "I am never going to leave you Mel" as I swung around to see my beloved Harry. The other boys burst out laughing, and it was a pretty mean trick to play on me. Srija: Oh god, Liam, babe you frightened my best friend all right!! Perrie: Ha ha! Oh god mel, when are you gonna learn! These boys love to play tricks! Chloe was the only one to understand my feelings. Chloe: You guys musn't do it to her. I mean, did you see her face? She could have fainted any moment!! I strongly disapprove of it Niall. and you too, Zayn and Liam. Me: that was pretty mean..[sad and angry] Harry: Sorryz babe, that would never happen again... So we left the beach...and we were sitting comfortable in Zayn's audi...suddenly Liam's phone rang. Liam: Hello? Lou: Hey bud, its me Lou. Liam: Oh hey dude, whats going on? Is El all right? Lou: [sobbing sounds] El has to have an operation...its a very dangerous one!! She could even not live anymore!! Liam: What? WHAT? Oh god, wait we're coming!! Lou: thank you guys [he started crying] Liam: We'll be there in a min. We drove over to the hospital where Eleanor was admitted. We saw Lou in the hallway. He looked at us pleadingly, and we saw that his eyes were red and swollen. Lou: When El was having all the check-ups, the doctor noticed some bumps on her. It reveals, she....she has....cancer [he broke down] Zayn: Dont worry Lou she'll be alright!! Oh god, that must be awful! Me: Can we go and see her?? Lou: Oh yeah why not.. We all went into the big airy room of the hospital where Eleanor was lying, looking pale and grey. But her cheery attitude remained.. El: Oh hey everyone! sure you must have heard the news? I'm having my first chemo tomorrow.. Srija: tommorow?? oh god.. El: yeah, but i love my hair!! thats the sad part.. Me: oh so you're gonna lose all your hair? Lou: yeah she is. but i'll love you all the same. Chloe: why is she having the chemo just tommorow? Lou: because her cancer is in the last stage...thats why its so dangerous!! doc says the bumps have been on her for a long time...she didnt notice.. All of us: Oh my god..:(
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