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Its just a one direction fanfic I'm writing when I have nothing to do. If your name corresponds with the name of any character in the story, please take it as a mere coincidence. Please leave a comment, I would love to read them. Thank you. :)


10. Back together


[[Review: Srija, Liam's girlfriend, had heard Liam talking to Harry and his fiance, Melanie, about his crush upon Lou's girlfriend Stella. Srija was heartbroken, and she cut herself. She was in the hospital, with the 5 boys and their girlfriends visiting them]]   We saw the doctors and nurses running about everywhere. It was a kind of nightmare. I rested my head upon Harry's shoulder.He was really comforting to me. Harry: Don't worry, sweetie. Everything will be alright.  Me: I hope so.. Liam went over and began to talk to the main doctor who was treating Srija. We overheard Liam. Liam: Is she okay doc?? Is she gonna be alright? Doc: We cant tell that now, Mr.Payne. She has to have an operation. Liam came back sadly, and Niall put an arm around him to comfort him. Then we heard the operation door being closed, and the lights on in the operation room, when they drew the curtains over the door.  Me: She's having the operation now. Oh Jesus, save her! --3 hours later--- The doc came out of the operation theatre. His face was blank. He went straight over to Mr. Chakraborty, Srija's dad and started talking. After the conversation, Srija's dad came over to us. Srija's dad: The operation was successful. Srija is alright..She would like to be visited. Liam: Okay sir. We will go to her now. We went over to the cabin where she was. She was pale, but looked better.  Liam: Baby, my love, I am so sorry. I..I didnt know what I was saying that time..But it is only you I love. Nobody else!!  Srija: It's ok Liam. I love you too..[a tear started coming out of her eye] Srija caught hold of Liam's hand, and started pulling him towards her..and finally their lips met, and we saw them kissing, like never before...after the kiss, Liam turned towards us, looking very happy. Liam: We are back together.
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