On the Edge, About to Fall

When you're taken advantage of, you get over it eventually. But when it keeps happening, you kinda get sick of it.


1. I don't care.

His hands held around my waist, holding me in tighter to him. I rested my head against his chest, hearing his heart beat, slowly. His warm breath stroking my neck, tickling the roots gently. I never wanted to let go, and I didn't plan on it, ever. I couldn't see what could tear us apart. He said me loved me, he said he'd never let me go. And I knew from the light in his eyes he wasn't lying. So I guess that's it. I'm decided for. I'm his, and he's mine. I've given him my purity already, even thought it's been so fast. But I don't care. I don't care what people say, I don't care that it's ridiculously fast to be doing this. I just don't care. He's the only thing I care or want anymore. I'd give him everything if he wanted it. With just a word, he could have my world. But at the end of the day, he is my world.

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