Love at first sight

One direction are very over protective of there sisters and they will not let them date anybody because of what they have all been through in the past. But when Louis and Harry find out there sisters have got a boyfriend they are not happy about it at all.


4. Why can't I have a boyfriend Louis why !!!!

Louis POV:
I got up the next morning with my sister under my arm asleep. I look around and all the other boys are up with there sisters under there arm except for Harry. I look around and wonder where he is and then I realise where he might be. I get up with out waking up selena and walk up stairs ad walk into mileys room and see miley asleep with Harry stroking her hair like he would after she has had a nightmare . I walk over to him look at him with sad eyes and I can see that he has had no sleep at all I whisper to him "get and go get some sleep I will watch her" he smiles at me and gets up quietly while I take his place. I love miley I sometimes love her more than a sister but I can't let Harry no because he would kill me.
Selena POV:
I get up a walk to the kitchen to make my self a cup of tea and see zayn leaning on the counter until he see me and motions me to come over and hug him. Zayn has always got the most loving hugs he was topless which ment I got to lay in his chest. We did this until I heard a cough and saw Miley and Louis holding hands I the door way, he let go of mileys hand and told her to go and stay with zayn and motioned me to go and talk to him which mayed me wonder why.
Louis POV:
I walked down the stairs to the kitchen while holding on to mileys hand protectively. When I got to the kitchen I saw zayn and selena hugging each other which mayed me angry. I told miley to go and stand with zayn and called selena over. We walked in to the hall way and said "what the hell was going on in there?" " well I was hugging zayn and he had his arm open so I walked over and hugged him" "so, doesn't mean you have to" "what is that surposed to mean" "I mean I don't want you to get hurt again" "I don't think zayn Is going to hurt me" "how do you no that" "why can't I have a boyfriend Louis, why" " I don't want you to get hurt like you did before".
Selena POV: when Louis said all this it made me think about my past and how I was abused. A tear fell down eye. I ran up stairs to my room and locked the door.
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