Love at first sight

One direction are very over protective of there sisters and they will not let them date anybody because of what they have all been through in the past. But when Louis and Harry find out there sisters have got a boyfriend they are not happy about it at all.


1. Introducing me !!

Hey my name is miley styles and as might be thinking yes I am related Harry styles and you also might be thinking she has got such an amazing life well it's not coz I am not allowed a boyfriend and that is what every girl dreams of having. It's not just me it's Louis sister and nialls sister and Liam's sister and zayns sister too, we all sit in our room playing on our phones and or laptops we are not allowed to live the house with telling them where we have gone. They are just so over protective of us urrrrrgggggggg it is so annoying I just wish I had a normal life like and other 15 year old .
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