Love at first sight

One direction are very over protective of there sisters and they will not let them date anybody because of what they have all been through in the past. But when Louis and Harry find out there sisters have got a boyfriend they are not happy about it at all.


2. Harry help me !!!

Well I have just told Harry that me and the girls are going to the cinema to go an see breaking dawn part 2. When we get there the whole place is packed but luckerly we find a seat and we all sit down and watch the movie.
Harry POV:
Me and the boys are sitting in the kitchen doing bother just waiting for the girls to come you might think it is wield we are waiting for them but we are very over protective then we like to keep them safe so they don't do wat they all did when they were 14. We are all still sitting around when zayn speaks up and say " what do you think about going out for abit ?" We all nod our heads and head out to the cars, Louis gets in the divers seat I agent in the passenger seat and the three boys get in the back and we all decided we were going to see sky fall and the cinema.
Miley POV:
When the movie finished we were all walkin out and saying how good it was when all of a sudden someone calls my name, I look behind me an see I was my ex boyfriend from when I was 14. He runs up to with his pack behind him acting all hard. I start to walk back frighten but then I realise I have my back against a wall I look at all the other girls and they are being pulled by there hair and a pain face. He comes up to me and smirks and says " hey babe did you miss me coz I missed you" I look at him with disgust on my face and say " miss you I would never miss you jake". He looks at me with anger on his face and pulls out a pocket knife and puts it against my cheek and say " can you remember this knife and how I stabbed you with it when u didn't agree with me well guess what if you don't agree with me on this it won't just be you it will be your little friends too." I look at everyone and scream " Harry help me!!!"
Louis POV:
Me and all look at each other and then look at Harry we all start runnin in the direction it is coming from. We all to our right and we see all the girls pushed against the wall we walked up to the bots they turned around and we all knew who it was at first sight we all stood in shock at what we sure, jake with knife against mileys cheek. Harry's face turned bright red as he ran for his sister. Jake let go of miley and ran with his friends. We ran to our sisters and held them close. I heard Harry whisper to miley everything is going to be alright
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