Love at first sight

One direction are very over protective of there sisters and they will not let them date anybody because of what they have all been through in the past. But when Louis and Harry find out there sisters have got a boyfriend they are not happy about it at all.


3. Harry don't leave me !!!!!

The whole way home I did not let her go she cried in my chest until she fell asleep. When we got I took her straight up to her room and watched her until I got sleepy. I started walking to the door when I heard "Harry go, don't leave me" I will never leave you I promise I walked over to her got under they covers and sang "little things" to her to make her go back to sleep and when I was finished she was asleep. I striped down so I was in my boxers and a top got under the covers an went to sleep with my little sister keeping her safe with her under my arm and from then on I promised my self I would never let anything happen to her.
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