Heart Attack

Ally had just broken up with her boyfriend , Stephen. She was devistated her bestfriend, Lexi, her sister, Jenna, and her ( what feels like) little sister, Lena, tell her that he was dumb and that she deserves better. Ally goes for a walk and runs into someone unexpected


2. The plan

Stephen's POV

I left and hurried to my car she was such  brat I hated her and always have.   I texted my best friend  Ryan.  

"hey just broke up with ally </3"

"So she's available?!"

"Do you want me to hook you up with her?"



"Why not?!"

"cause she's my ex!"

"But she's Sexy as fuck!"

"i know but i cant she wont listen to me she'll ignore me"

"Fine i'll do it myself!"

" k bye"


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