I heard a lot of people do these and I thought I would be fun! Plus I got a request to do an imagine and I liked it a lot :) sorry if they aren't very good but I'll try my best, requirements are below :)


4. Mackenzie and Justin<3

** this is an add on requested by Mackenzie to her previous imagine**

"Oh my gosh! I can't believe he asked me!!!!" you were telling your friends. They were all so excited for you. It's only four days until the dance and you have been spending every night with Justin at the park. You can't make it tonight because you and your friends are going dress shopping. He asked you if you could text him and you said of course. Riiiiiiing. The school bell echoed through the halls and teenagers quickly filled the empty space. They were out the doors in fifteen minutes tops. Justin met up with you by the archway he asked you to the dance. "hey you" he said with a follow up kiss. "hey" You replied. "have fun dress shopping, I'm going to get my tux tonight. What color dress are you wearing?" You were stunned. A tux? He would look so great in a tux. ;) "um I don't know yet. I'll text you the color later" you say with a shy smile. He leans in to kiss you romantically and says "ok" as he turns to walk away. "see you tomorrow, text you tonight, have fun babe" Your friends took you to metropolis. The first store you go into is Debs. After endless asking and rejecting, trying on, making funny faces and very very tough decisions, you eliminate it down to an absolutely perfect dress! *purple, white, black those are my dress colors. <3* you text Justin and he replies *great, thank you. Can't wait to see you at the dance ;)*
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