I heard a lot of people do these and I thought I would be fun! Plus I got a request to do an imagine and I liked it a lot :) sorry if they aren't very good but I'll try my best, requirements are below :)


9. Mackenzie and Justin <3

**it seemed like you're having a hard time right now sooo being the friend I am and having absolutely nothing else to do :3** also all the places and springs in Australia are made up, so don't go to Australia looking for victory springs bar or peaceful moon springs xD they probably aren't real

Justin's pov

I was on vacation in Australia with my best friend. It was supposed to help me get my mind off a did the trick. :) while at a café I saw a gorgeous angel. Tallish, dark curly hair, and beautiful mesmerizing eyes. She looked around dazed as if she was expecting someone. All the sudden my friend pulls me over to her and says, "this is Justin. Justin this is Mackenzie." my mind went blank. His idea of getting me over a breakup is by forcing me into a rebound relationship? This is so wrong! I went along with it all until he left for the evening. I was alone with Mackenzie now and decided to say I couldn't do this. "hey listen I think my friend set us up as a joke, but I'm not ready for a relationship." she looked at me and laughed. "you thought we were on a date? Haha no, he thought being around PEOPLE would help and I volunteered. We have been good friends and he is going to get more people right now. There's a party tonight" "oh" I sighed.

The party was pretty cool. There was more drinking and drugs than I liked and Mackenzie was nowhere to be found. This probably wasn't her crowd. I talked to her a bit after the party was gone and she said it was bingo night with her grandma or something like that. I passed it off and invited her to linchpin tomorrow. Um, sure. Was her answer. it didn't sound like she was into me at all.

"so do you have plans this weekend?" Mackenzie's voice was that of an angel's. "nah" I replied bluntly. She smiled and wrote something down, passed it to me, and left. I was confused until I looked down. The napkin was stained with lemonade and a bit of lipstick, next to the stains was a number. '446-5780' it was probably hers. I called later tht night and waited. None other than Mackenzie answered, "finally, I thought you'd be too chicken to call" she teased me. I was still gloomy from my previous breakup. "so I want you to meet me somewhere this weekend. It's near the outback, called victory springs" I had no idea where that was. "ummm" she chimed in with " don't worry micheal and Dylan can bring you. They're still staying with you right?" "mhm" I mumbled. "good" her reply was short then i heard her say 'later' and hang up.

Dylan drove me to victory springs that Saturday and dropped me off. I waited there for a long time until a blue mustang pulled up. A man got out of the car and went inside the bar behind me. On his way past me he said "it ain't no use boy! She ain't comin for ya evah and I knows, happened to me once. No good ain't no good" he was either crazy or drunk. I vote drunk since he had a beer in his hand. After fifteen more minutes Mackenzie strolled up, walking towards me. "it's a bit far from town for you to be walking" she laughed at me, "unless you live out here. Where's your ride?" I hesitated. "um he left, said you'd give me one home..." she sighed and kept walking, grabbing my hand and pulling me along. We came to a stop after about a mile into the outback, apparently victory springs was the bar and he REAL springs were about a mile west of the bar. They weren't anything. Special according to Mackenzie after we had gone a full two miles into the outback she stopped, letting go of my hand. " here it is" she turned to me and smiled. What was supposed to be here? Was I not seeing something? My confusion had to have shown on my face because she turned and said, "don't you see it? I mean there isn't much to see in plain view but you have to look harder." I strained my eyes to look harder. And then it hit me. I saw it. There was barran waste land and then you look harder and all the sparse trees and shrubs are teeming with life. There's so many animals and for some odd reason a gap in the ground. I run over to it and Mackenzie comes up behind me. "that's my secret springs. No one has discovered it yet but me" she told me how when she was eight she ran around here and one day she stepped in the wrong spot and the ground caved. She fell into water and found it. She's been calling it peaceful moon springs. At night the moon reflects off the water making it seem like you're in a fantasy world. The hole has a spring of water right below you and then underneath there is a waterfall going deeper into another spring.

Mackenzie and I had stayed at peaceful moon springs for almost six days now. We went as soon as we could, usually around three, and left as soon as it turned dark. We had watched the sunset and the moon reflect, then we had to leave in order to not get eaten alive by wild animals. :p so it's been six days since we first went there and six days since we've been going there. I have to say it was absolutely amazing spending that time with Mackenzie. I think I was starting to fall head over heels for her. Really fast. Like, really fast.

"hello? Is Mackenzie there?" I asked the woman on the other end of he phone line. "yes she is" she replies. Phew. Now to work up the nerves of asking her. "hello?" o my gosh I'm too nervous. No it's ok, you can do this Justin. "hey Mackenzie it's Justin. Um..I was wondering if you could meet me at the springs tonight? Like right now?" silence. I knew it would be a no. "um yeah I'd love to and my mom just said sure. " really!? Thank goodness!!!

It was four o'clock. Mackenzie just got here. I took her to the springs, holding her hand. "listen, Mackenzie, I've really..." "what?" she said after I went silent. "I've really fallen for you" her face looked as if she were thinking, oh that... "I just, I wanted to know, will you be my girlfriend? I'd really love to take you on a date, several dates. And I'd be the best I could, and be good to you. I promise" she thought for a moment "Justin I'd love to but aren't you leaving?" a smile spread across my face "actually, no. I've arranged to become a citizen of Australia." she looked overwhelmingly excited and said " I'd love to be your girlfriend!" then she leaped onto me and kissed me. We explored the springs, I sat her down next to the waterfall in a spot where we wouldn't get wet though. We kissed until the moonlight reflected off the springs and the world faded away....
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