I heard a lot of people do these and I thought I would be fun! Plus I got a request to do an imagine and I liked it a lot :) sorry if they aren't very good but I'll try my best, requirements are below :)


8. Mackenzie and Justin <3

Justin's P.O.V.

There she is. Just sitting across the lunch table. I wonder if she ever notices me? I guess this is my chance to find out. I start walking over to the table where she's sitting. "hi Mackenzie" I put a nervous smile on. She turns around and looks at me. "oh hey! It's Justin right?" her face looks as if she is nervous too. "yeah" I say. That just proves she doesn't know me as much as I thought she would. It's so confusing with her. You think one thing and get another. But I like it, it leaves you wondering. I get a sudden burst of confidence. "I was wondering if you wanted to come over tomorrow?" a pause "for studying. We have that math test next Wednesday." she changed her expression to hopeful. "of course. I've been having trouble in math so that would be awesome" her smile widened. "ok how's five sound?" "well I could come over right after school, like ride the bus with you?" my heart just shot out of my chest! "Ye!-" I squeaked. Clearing my throat I trued again. "yeah, that'd be cool" I sounded relaxed compared to my beating heart.
It was Friday and Mackenzie was coming over today. I'd cleaned my room and showered and made everything I could as perfect as it could be. "hey! Why don't we meet up by the doors after school?" she was so giddy I loved it. I stood up confidently and replied "yea that'd be cool" several hours went by and the last bell rang. I went cooly and calmly to the doors were Mackenzie was waiting for me. I walked up with a slight smile and I eyed her beautiful face. She started to smile and walk towards me. "hey I was beginning to think you left me or forgot" her expression was a bit hurt. I hate seeing her even the least bit upset so I quickly replied with. "of course not! I've been looking forward to spending the time with studying. What is it you were having trouble with in math?" I smiled but immediately regretted expressing my feelings. I felt exposed. Oh well it put a smile on Mackenzie's face and that's all I cared about. When we got to my house I took around to show her the place and then escorted her to my room. "wow" her eyes widened. "its huge! You have the biggest house! And your room is so cool." I saw her eyes go down as if she'd just thought aloud something she regretted. "thanks, so wanna get starte?" on making out? Haha I wish! Nah I'm cool with studying. Just stay calm bro. So it's been about an hour and we are both gathering every piece of homework and help we can find in order to stay together longer. Her mom called and said she allowed to stay until nine o'clock only because she was away and wouldn't be back until then. So we finished up our homework really fast with three hours to spare. I took Mackenzie up to the roof. I live In town so the view was mostly buildings and trees interspersed together. "I like it up here" she had said. I nodded in agreement. The. She surprised me and turned to face me. "can I ask you a question?" her eyes were shaking slightly as if she was scared. I don't know what came over me but I just leaned down and kissed her. I was so relieved when she stopped her frozen position and kissed me back. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I wrapped my arms around her waist, placing my hands on her hips. I pulled her in closer and kissed her harder, more passionately. She started really getting into it and so did I until my door opened and my sister screamed. "what!?!?!" I yelled at her, Mackenzie still on top of me and our arms around each other. "where are you!?" she yelled back. "*sigh* I'm on the roof" she just walked out and mackenzies face asked, what was that about? "thats just how she is" I looked upset and she could tell. I whispered kind words in her ear starting with "it's fine I'll just ignore here" a smile overwhelmed me. "Mackenzie....I really like you, like love like. Haha that contradicts a bit but I don't care. I just want you to know, you're in control here. This ring....I kinda got it a while back its silver. Like sterling silver and that's an emerald. But that represents my devotion to you...this is a bit awkward for me to come out about. I'm scared you'll reject me. But I can't wait any longer. I want you and only you and I want you forever. I know we aren't that old yet but when we are.... Will you be mine? And I'll ask you again too! Properly, promise" her jaw was dropped, eyes ecstatic, facial expression was so shocked. She shook it off and said, "we are only sixteen, did you just ask me to marry you?" and she finally got it," that's a promise ring, when I purpose later I'll take it back and add diamonds on the side, one on each side of the emareald. I can even get the ring gold tinted if you want?" she filled with happiness and said "YES! I will marry you a thousand times YES!!" and with that I was welcomed with the best kiss of my life aside from the later wedding kiss. We stayed on the roof forever it seemed and just talked about the future and kissing. **ten years later** we waited until after college. Twenty six and twenty seven isn't too old to get married, it's just right. I got the ring from her and went to get it fixed up with the diamonds and gold tinting. I planned on taking her to dinner tonight. It would be perfect. "dinner was great thank you so much" her smile was so gorgeous. "I have a surprise for you, just wait and follow me." it was now winter time so we were bundled up tight. I led her outside and took her by a water fountain in the middle of the circle. I had a choir standing near the fountain singing a love song to us softly. A small crowd gathered and started singing softly with the choir. I got down on one knee. Her eyes lit up her hand went to her chest and her mouth opened. I took a hand and said "Mackenzie. When I first saw you I knew I'd love you someday. That day was the next Thursday after. Haha it didn't take long. That was fifteen years ago. That night on the roof I confessed I loved you and it was the best night ever. That's the night I promised you I'd marry you and we were practically engaged! I've waited ten years since then to make you mine for sure and I have not found a single doubt in it. I love you with all I am and I want to be yours forever. So I'm here to ask... Will you marry me?" she started shaking, cold? Or excited? She immediately got down on her knees and gave me a kiss with both hands on my face. She said to me "of course silly, I've only waited fifteen years" a smile spread across her face and we stood up to kiss.
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