I heard a lot of people do these and I thought I would be fun! Plus I got a request to do an imagine and I liked it a lot :) sorry if they aren't very good but I'll try my best, requirements are below :)


2. Mackenzie and Justin <3

It was a week before the winter dance. All your friends had dates and were so excited, but you haven't gotten asked yet. You were getting more nervous he would never ask you. You had hoped Justin would ask you since you first saw him. Everyday it seemed you became more invisible to him. Slowly closing your locker a deep sigh was let out. You walked down the street towards home since school was now over. Your deep in thought when you hear your name being called. "Mackenzie! Mackenzie wait up!" you stop shocked. Who could it be? You turn to see and before you get halfway around Justin is holding you to keep you from falling after he ran into you. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to run into you" he says, eyes full of sincere apology. "it's alright" you softly say. "I wanted to show you something. Follow me." his mouth started slowly curling up in the cutest way. His smile is irresistible so you followed him. Luckily. He took you off the road into the woods near the school. There was a path there and rose petals sprinkled the ground. The contrast of white snow to blood red petals was beautiful. You started wondering how the petals got there when a gorgeous archway made of two trees bending together and flower covered vines appeared. He had taken you to a secret meadow and by the looks of it the archway was man made. You turned to him, "What is this?" he turns to you, holding both your hands, and walking you up to the center of the archway. The meadow is filled with snow and rose petals. He just looks out in the snowy field. You look over and there it is. Spelled out in rose petals " Will you go to the Winter Dance with me? :)" it was so adorable how could you say no? And you had wanted this since forever! "om my gosh of course!!!" you are so excited you start jumping up and down. He puts his hands on your shoulders to stop you. "good" then he leans in and kisses you with a smile on his face
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