I heard a lot of people do these and I thought I would be fun! Plus I got a request to do an imagine and I liked it a lot :) sorry if they aren't very good but I'll try my best, requirements are below :)


11. Ethan and Amille <3

It was a bright spring day. I had been so busy for months planning it out and now it's finally here! Ethan and i's wedding day! :) I hadn't seen Ethan in three days and I missed him already. I missed him when he left to get the plans in order and I missed him when he called and checked in. I always missed him but I wouldn't ever again. I would be his and he would be mine...forever.

My gown was beautiful and flowing and the veil was long, it went to the ground. My hair was in an up do and I was ready. I could hear the music start and I sent off my best friends daughter and my neice to be the flower girls. They were so adorable, 5 and 3. I couldn't wait to have kids. My father stood beside me and smiled. 'I always knew I'd be proud. You've grown to be so much more than I could ever hope for Amille. I love you princess' I smiled with joy ' I love you too daddy' he took my arm and kissed my check, then lead me out the doors. I had pictured being nervous, walking with everyone staring at me. Or maybe happy to see all my friends and family. But instead, I was overfilled with love. All I could see was Ethan at the end of the isle. My father soon kissed my check and let me go with a tear streaming down his worn face. All I could see was Ethan and I. It was only us. I went up to him and he smiled.

'you look breathtaking' he kissed my hand and the ceremony began. All the priestly stuff happened and then something amazing took place. Ethan had written special vows to me. He held me close and started..'i remember the day I first saw you. You were clumsy and awkward, but so adorable Amille. I loved you the first time I set eyes on you. You were mine and that needed to be known.' he smiled. 'I remember when I thought the happiest day of my life was Janurary 23rd  when you finally said yes, but this tops the list baby. You knew how to make me laugh and you knew when I needed you, which is always' he said in a low, almost tearful voice. ' you know me and I know you. I need you Amille. I love you with everything I have and I promise to never let you go. I promise to hold you at night and kiss you in the morning. To make you breakfast and spin you around. I promise to dance even if people are watching and most importantly I promise to NEVER stop loving you.' I was in tears. He wiped them away with his thumb and smiled at me lovingly. I could tell how happy he was. I was about to start my vows to him when he put his finger to my lips. ' baby I don't need you to say a word, I know. I know. You being here is all I could ever ask and I just need you to kiss me.' he turned to the priest ' may I kiss my bride' he smiled the preist gave a nod and then Ethan took his right hand to the small of my back and his left hand to my shoulder blades. He pressed into me hard and passionately and dipped me over. I grabbed onto him and kissed him back. Then he lifted me back up and swooped me in his arms. He carried me bridal style out the doors whispering 'I love you' all the way.

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