I heard a lot of people do these and I thought I would be fun! Plus I got a request to do an imagine and I liked it a lot :) sorry if they aren't very good but I'll try my best, requirements are below :)


10. Ashley and Robert <3

You are my bestest friend so this ones on me! :D

Ashley's P.O.V.

He took you to a concert! I was amazing too! Although it wasn't HIS first choice, Robert took you to see 1D with back stage passes, and personal passes. Before he concert you met them in person and after he amazing concert you went to their hotel room. He took you to see 1D and it was the best night of your life! ...or so you thought.... It may be not so spectacular and big, but the little things do matter most to you...

Imagine: you are eighteen and Robert is now twenty, it's summer time. No snow, the way you like it. :P haha well neither of you are in college at this time, you don't start until August and it's only June. June FIRST to be exact. Robert has left you notes all around your apartment with you're best friend Alexis. You've followed them to a packed suitcase on your bed...

You follow the directions carefully. 'pick up suitcase and drive to mcdonalds' so you do. There, the counter lady gives you directions to CVS. That note leads you to Nicole's, eventually someone leads you to the high school. At the high school of your hometown, and many many notes between Nicole's and getting here, you find a limo. One limo. The driver says to leave your car with Steven. He's an old friend who offers to drive it back to your house. You reluctantly agree and take the limo ride to a warehouse where a tall man blind folds you. You feel someone sit next to you and hate that you were tackled and tied up. This was some kind of kidnapping or something? The person next to you grabs your hand and whispers that is alright. You recognize the voice. Robert. After an hour of driving and walking around he finally sits you down. Your blindfold is taken off and you're on an airplane. All the security checks on the way here finally made sense. "I wanted to surprise you" he said. Wow how romantic of a way to do it. -_- but he had his adorable flaws, and this was just one of them. He didn't and refused to tell you where you were going. All he said is, "it's an overnight trip" so you waited, and waited, and wai- you fell asleep. In the middle of waiting you fell asleep on Roberts shoulder. Of course he is bony so you had a pillow in between your head and his shoulder.

"wakey wakey sleeping beauty." did he just? Wait, where were you? Robert shook you slightly and smiled as you awoke. "we are here" he could barley contain himself. He'd called you sleeping beauty and brought you to, Scotland? There was a 'Welcome to Scotland' sign visible through the window. You were still very tired so Robert helped you stand and walk. You finally got dropped off at your place of residency for the next week. After you finally woke up, Robert showed you around...

"Hey you're up" Robert grinned cutely. He had taken you to the coast of Scotland. You were staying in an old castle with ivy and moss covering several of the stones that built it. You loved the ruins and the castle and you loved the misty climate even more. The sea was amazing and you went to the ocean everyday. The lush greenery was gorgeous and the local market was great. Scotland was amazing. And one day was even better. Robert had Aiken you, by horse back, to a hilltop. He led you to the ruins of an old demolished castle and walked you up to he tower. As you walked the old crumbling stairs to the top of what remained, he had his hands around you. Kissing you every so often, he whispered to you to turn around and close your eyes. You did. "can you feel the misty fog? The slight breeze on your face? The heavy moisture in the air? Can you see the lush meadow? The deep gray ocean? The blue gray sky? Can you hear the bagpipes? The waves, birds, or rustling leaves on the trees? Can you hear the wind? Can you smell the salt? Can you see the plaid? Or my face? This is Scotland. All the little things make it one big thing. All the little things create this wonderful place and all the little things have created us. I'll never forget the little things. Open your eyes and look at me, Ashley." he knelt on the ground. When you opened your eyes you saw him holding your hands now and kneeling with one knee on he ground. He looked into your eyes with such passionate love. "Everyday I spend with you is the best day of my lie. I love you Ashley, I want to spend forever with you. Scotland had been through so much. So have we. Scotland is so magical and beautiful and perfect. And so are we. Us. Together. Can you feel the air? Can you see the ocean and the sky? Can you breath in he fog? Or feel the wet dew on the grass? Can you see me? As long as you can I will love you. Will you do me the best thing in the world and become my wife? To be mine forever and always?" and THAT right there, that speech was so long but so romantic and heart felt! That right there made the top of the list for the best da of your life! Of course you said yes! And after you squeezed it out you toppled over on him and kissed him. You laid on him in the grass surrounded by Scotland, with the one you love. Your wedding is in Scotland and you decide to stay there for a bit longer. But that's in the future... For now you two lay there, engaged, in perfect harmony will the land and with each other. You lay there perfectly and lovingly. And everything is amazing...

:DDDDD I hope you like it!!!

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