I heard a lot of people do these and I thought I would be fun! Plus I got a request to do an imagine and I liked it a lot :) sorry if they aren't very good but I'll try my best, requirements are below :)


7. Ashley and Robert <3

Roberts P.O.V.
She was so gorgeous. I know she doesn't see it but her beauty shines in every way possible. I just couldn't stopp staring at Ashley as she laid on my chest asleep. We went back to our secret meadow for the umpteenth time and it was now late. I decided to stay here tonight and both our parents were ok with the "sleepover at Alexis's house" for Ashley and a "sleepover at Andrews house" for me. I wanted to spen this time with her but she looked so peaceful sleeping; I didn't want to wake her. I looked into the sky at the stars thinking of a million cheesy things to say to her, of only she was awake. Asheley moved a bit and mumbled something that sounded like "love him". I wonder what she was dreaming... I'd dreamt of her so many times. Of course she knew about some of them but the more interpersonal and emotional ones were secret.not even Andrew, my best friend, knew about them. No one did. Thinking of Ashley I slowly slipped into sleep and sweet dreaming. {robert's dream} I was standing there, but where is there? It looked like...France? It had to be. Now that I think about it...there it is! I turn around and the Eiffel tower is right there. I look closer. So gorgeous. The sun complimenting her and the warmth radiating from her smile. I could hardly focus on the Eiffel tower behind Ashley with her glowing all over my thoughts. But I didn't mind, truth is, she was a much better view. The day went by fast. A movie, dinner at a cafe, we got lost hiking, then the grand finale. I took her to the top of the eiffel tower and she was blind folded so she couldn't tell. When we got to the top I walked her to the edge of the side with the most beautiful view. "here we are" I untied the blind fold and payed no attention as it dropped to our feet. As soon as the blind fold was off he eyes got so wide and her jaw dropped. "oh robert!" was all she said before leaping into my arms and kissing me hard. "I love you" her eyes sparkled in wavers and her arms were around my neck. Her red hangover cap looked so adorable and she kissed me back as I pulled her into a kiss from me. Her whispered I love you meant so much to me. What's mo romantic, as she said it and we kissed, the light in the city came to life flickering to the sound of "love is such a crazy thing". The lights everywhere were flickering and moving and they reflected off her eyes. It only made me want her more. We kissed more passionatly and I couldn't help but think that I was the luckiest man alive. {end of dream} I woke up while it was still dark and she awoke shortly after. "Ashley?" I looked at her, she was so beautiful. "yeah?" her voice was shaky, I pulled her into me, she felt cold. "would you like to go with me to Paris?" she looked at me immediately and a huge amazing smile spread across her face.
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