I heard a lot of people do these and I thought I would be fun! Plus I got a request to do an imagine and I liked it a lot :) sorry if they aren't very good but I'll try my best, requirements are below :)


3. Ashley and Robert <3

Summer. The idea was so intriguing. You love the summer. Not only because the sunshine and swimming pools, but mainly because it means you get to spend every chance you get with Robert. Oh his name makes a warm feeling spring into you. It's a little past noon on a Wednesday in June. You just woke up, which is expected since you snuck out with Robert last night. You guys had a late picnic at the park and it was the best night ever. As soon as you are dressed youre out the door. No questions asked. Robert asked you to meet him at his house by one o'clock and you wanted to be a bit early. "You came" he says relieved as he walks up to you from his house. "Of course I did, you asked me too silly." you reply with a smile. Robert takes you hand and you silently celebrate the third month hand herpe free! ;) he walks you up to the door and say " come on in I just need to get something" then he kisses your cheek and walks inside. You stand out the door for a moment having a girlish fit and mentally making a note to tell your best friends as soon as you get home what happened today. Then you walk inside, greeted by his family with hugs. "Ok let's go. I'll be home by ten" he says but his mom doesn't think so. " Nine, you spent plenty of time with her last night" a death glare followed her sentence. "fine" was all Robert muttered then he led you out the door. "where are we going?" you say with a huge smile on your face. "surprise and don't even give me the face." he knows you too well. And you know he can't ever resist your perfect eyes and puppy dog face. The pouty lips pull it all together. "ugh fine" rolling your eyes. He starts leading you down an abandoned road, you've never been to this part of town. "where are we" he just steps behind you and tickles you until your on the ground. "surprise" he says again. This time he pulls you up and over his shoulder. You struggle but he won't let go. Finally he lays you down in the grass and says "here you are, a nice meadow. Not quite as beautiful as you but I had a hard time finding anything close to comparision" you quickly turn red from blushing even with your protest against it. He smiles with satisfaction. "what are we doing here?" you try to keep your cool and composure. "for this" he lays next to you in the flowers and grass and pulls you in close. He sits lingering at the edge of you lips, teasing you. He starts to pull away but hen grabs you around the waist and behind the head and kisses you so passionately you think you may burst. You two lay there talking and kissing for hours. As the sun sets he pulls you even closer and whispers a tickle in your ear. "I love you and don't ever forget that. I'll never let you go Ashley, never"
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