Survival or Death

Alaxzandria Bonn has to move to Canada when she runs into one of the most popular boy bands in the world: ONE DIRECTION
Alaxzandria falls in love with Zayn Malik and goes out with him one night when a gun shooter comes in and shoots her.


5. Our Outfits

            We were in our apartment for 4 hours straight trying to get the cutest outfits and get our hair and makeup done in time for when they get here to give us our tickets. I'm going to describe our outfits now.


Dexterr: Shirt: lime green undershirt with a cropped tee that is gray and it say Paris on it.

               Bottoms: A dark blue skirt with pink and green flowers on it and hot pink leggings

                Accsessories: A gold vest with a jean jacket, bracelets, and some necklaces.

                 Hair: Her normal hair style, black curly hair

                 Makeup: Pink eyeshadow, mascara, blue eyeliner, and some red blush.

                 Shoes: Black worker boots

Alaxzandria(ME): Shirt: A short light blue cropped tank top with snowflakes and the shirt is all sparkled up with a white undershirt

                              Bottoms: White sparkley skirt with lime green sparkley tights.

                              Accsessories: A necklace and earings

                               Hair: Dark Brown and curly

                                Makeup: white eyeshadow and green eyeliner with mascara pink blush and red lipstick

                                Shoes: Light blue sparkley high heels

Millaince: Shirt: Gray with black words saying Love is All You Need

                  Bottoms: Black Jeans

                  Accsessories: White leather jacket

                  Hair: Straight dark brown hair

                   Makeup: White eyeshadow and mascara with eyeliner

                  Shoes: Knee-High black leather boots high heeled

Niranda: Shirt: Pink undershirt with a long plaid shirt black and purple

                Bottoms: Red shorts and lime green tights with brown short leggings.

                 Accsessories: Long sweater blue and gray with a short plaid jean jacket and black suspenders down and a red and white belt.

                Hair: Straight Red hair

                 Makeup: Pink eyeshadow with eyeliner mascara and lipgloss and blush

                  Shoes: Tan paint splattered boots and knee high socks rolled down

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