Survival or Death

Alaxzandria Bonn has to move to Canada when she runs into one of the most popular boy bands in the world: ONE DIRECTION
Alaxzandria falls in love with Zayn Malik and goes out with him one night when a gun shooter comes in and shoots her.


2. Our BIG Surprise!

             We got off the plane and got a taxi to our new apartment. I started unpacking and when I opened my suitcase guess what?


"OMG what are you guys doing here?!" Dexterr asked

"We wanted to come with you." Niranda said

"So you decided to get in Alaxzandria and I's suitcase?"

"No wonder my suitcase seemed heavy!"

"Yeah we decided to do this and apparently the guys at the airport aren't very good at checking suitcases."

"Wait," I said, "if you guys are in there then where are all my clothes!"

Millaince just gave me a little guilty laugh.

"Ha, cute story, well now it's cute."

"What am I going to wear for the next 7 months?!"

"You can wear your own clothes we'll just go back to the airport where I got rid of your clothes and get them back." Niranda said

"Well, Niranda do you expect me to just fly back to the Los Angeles airport and get my clothes when we are in freakin' Toronto?!"


"You know what I'll just grab my wallet and buy new clothes then in 7 months if my clothes are still at that airport I'll take them back home."

"Good idea."

"Let's go."



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