Survival or Death

Alaxzandria Bonn has to move to Canada when she runs into one of the most popular boy bands in the world: ONE DIRECTION
Alaxzandria falls in love with Zayn Malik and goes out with him one night when a gun shooter comes in and shoots her.


6. Arrival

                 We were all in our awesome outfits and sitting ont he couch when the door bell rang we all looked at each other wide eyed and we all scrambled to the door tripping over everything. Niranda made it to the door first and answered she started screaming at the top of her lungs. It was One Direction!

"Please come in you guys." Niranda said nervously

We were all excited about this and now they are sitting on our couch. I've always dreamed of this day and now it is actually happening.

"Who is NirandaAveryNecolleBonn26?" Harry asked

Niranda said that it was her and Harry just gave her that flirty look of his.The whole time I was starring at Zayn, just Zayn. How could he be any cuter? That's when Dexterr slapped me to put me back to reality.

"Stop starring."

"I'm trying not to but it is hard. He is just so cute."

"I know he is but try and stay focused."

I know I'm supposed to try and stay focused but I can't I mean I almost passed out because I was looking at Zayn's puppy dog eyes. It started raining outside and they looked out the window and saw that the limo was gone.

"Our limo is gone. Can we stay here for a while?" Zayn asked

"YES!", I screamed, "I mean, yeah sure whatever."

I can't believe it they are going to be in our house for a while! This will be the best day ever!!!!

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