This is a FAN-FICTION of ONE DIRECTION! So understand that is a FICTION NOVEL...

It´s about 7 friends that will survive until they become adults, and being adults is the worst nightmare! (you wil discover it) They have to enjoy their last year to live everyday like the last one...
But some events that were not planned happened, and will make more difficult to live in party´s...


1. We will not be together forever?


This is the first chapter of our new movella, so please coment/fav/like! and enjoy it! <3

I am sat on my mum´s car, thinking on what had just happened… if I am okay, today is Monday 1° of January, and it’s about 7 am, but everything changed…

            The only thing I could barely remember is that yesterday was 12 of December of 2012, and we celebrated with our family New Year with a small party, then at the time we toasted, and then… I just woke up ten minutes ago… how could this be that I couldn´t remember anything, it´s just that I didn’t get drunk, so what?!...

            Thank god that I had time and was prepared to pack so fast, I only took some clothes all the money I found and my cellphone. I grab my cellphone and called Arianne, my best friend. In all my years at the primary I got to know a lot of people but there were only 6 in which I could talk to and trust. They were the people with who I want to be, and feel safe.

I was dialing Arianne, and finally she answered the phone…

“Hey, how are you Mel?!” “I know why you are calling and it´s true that we are in danger, but wait a bit, I am not in a safe place to talk…” “Now, tell me…”

“Hi, thank god you are fine, I thought that something happened to you…Go now to your room, and if you are there lock you up now!” I almost shouted through the phone, I was getting desperate.

“Calm down Mel, I am fine, and I am in my room with Justin…”

“And Mat? He is not with you?”

“Em… No, he is just kind strange like dad… and I am scared…”

“Okay, wait… I am going now to your house! Listen me clearly, pack a bag with some clothes, your cellphone and some food if you can, things which are necessary, but not so much, and the most important thing… all the money you can find!” “Made Justin help you, but tell him that he will not come…”

“But… why? I know that something’s are strange but this is weird!”

“You really didn´t look up around you?! Aria, all the adults are kind strange, all the houses are like older, and today I asked my mother to prepare me breakfast, and she told me that she was not my mother! I look through the calendar at the way to my room and the calendar of the wall, of the computer, of my cellphone and all around the world, marks that today is 1° of January of 2015!” “What are you really thinking about?! Something bad is going to happen, but you can´t wait there alone and front it!”

“What the hell! I really don’t knew that! But what I want to know is why Justin has to stay here?...” 

“Wait a bit, how many years does your brother Mat has?”

“He has 20… but why? Something is wrong?

“No… and Justin, who many years has he?”

“He has 19, and he will have 20 in 3 days…”

“I am confused, but the real reason of why I don’t want Justin to come with us is because he will be 20 IN 3 DAYS! And I think that according to the world, we have 19, so if Mat has 20 and he is  a stranger then Justin will be one of them IN JUST THREE DAYS!”

“But Mel… He is my brother…”

“I didn’t tell you not to be his sister anymore! I just told you that he will be safer with the strangers than with us, he will be one of them, and we don´t have enough time to take him and understand how and what happened, so we could repaired it or try to slow it!” while a tear was falling of my eye, “Do you think I liked leaving my family, all what I loved behind?!” I told her weeping “If you didn´t know it I didn´t like it, I thought it a lot, but what can we do? Do you think about it? I only can imagine that if they weren’t strangers they would had told us to ran away and discover the truth, or wait with all the danger around us and become one of them forever?!”

“I, I just didn´t thought in that way, sorry… I am finishing packing and Justin has heard all what he needed to understand that he will stay!”

“Okay, I am near, when you hear the HORN, come without nobody noticing you!”

“Okay, Bye”

“See you!”

I parked the car in front of her house, touched the HORN, and then Aria got into the car, weeping and crying, the both of us in a big HUG!

I stopped crying, and I wipe my eyes, trying to focus on the driving.

“Aria, I decided that we are going to the boy´s apartment! “

“Yeah, I hadn´t seen my boyfriend since like a month, I was very tired with all the exams…”

“Okay, please pass my cellphone, y will call Harry they should be all together in their apartment!”

“Okay, then... here you go!”

Aria dialed Harry´s number that was in fast dials…

“Hey babe! We were worried about you! Where are you?!”

“Hi Hazza, I went to look for Aria, she is with me now, now we are safe…I am right now going to your house”

“Wait! What happened?! Is something going wrong? Are you okay? is Aria okay asks Zayn? Tell me!”

“I´ll tell you when I got there, for now just try to look around yourself a bit, and you will notice what is going wrong! But four yours safe LOCK THE APARTMENT RIGHT NOW!”

“Louis, come in right now! And lock the door” he shouted to Louis, who I think that was outside… “Okay, done!”

“See you in 5 minutes!”

“Bye BABE! Take care!”

“Yeah, bye”

I hung up and look to Aria, who was weeping silently. I tried to comfort her, but I knew that she wouldn´t stop that easy, since her mother died when she was a child. She lived with her father, and he was all for her…

“Don’t worry about me, I am okay, it´s just that after you called me all was normally perfect to me, but now I am scared..” that were the only words she mumbled until we got to Harry´s.

We took out all our things, and I lock the car. We took the elevator, when we reached the 4 floor we got out, and there they were, the five boys that changed my life!

I ran to Harry´s arms crying. Finally he hugs me, and lifts me up with my legs around his back. He kissed me, still in his arms, and he entered and sat me next to him on the couch.

I look at the door to see if it was closed, but there were Aria and Zayn kissing in the entrance. I looked at Harry with worried eyes, and he shouted at them “Lock the door you two love birds!” they did as Harry told them, and sat next to the couch on the floor, with Aria at Zayn´s lap.

I started weeping on Harry´s shoulder, I couldn’t hold it anymore, I tried to be strong for Aria, but with Harry I just let it out. The entire time making it seem like if I was strong, but in a situation like this I couldn’t do it! I always believed that Harry knew that I was very sensitive, but I wouldn’t show them that I was fragile, unstable and insecure, that were my own secrets and feelings. I realized all this time that they thought that I was just a strong and independent girl, and that was what I lied about, to make me just one more of them. But I know that i was always one of them, and that I didn´t have to lie to them, they were like concerned because they never saw me like this before…

“Hey, are you okay?” Liam asked me with worried eyes

“Yeah, I think” but I started crying again

“Come Babe” Harry said to me, and took me up like bridal style to his room. He sat me on his bed and he was next to me…

“Babe what is wrong? I have never seen you like that, I thought…” I cut him off

“Yes, I know… You thought I never cry that I was strong, that I was one more of you like a boy, but I don’t...” I said this with all the anger that someone could have but finally again crying… I just let out all the truth I had hidden from him for a long time.

“I never thought that Babe, I always knew it, I just thought that you would never let me know how you really are… I just would like you to told me before, because if you were lying was for something” he told me this with the cutest voice I had never heard from him before.

“I was just to lonely, and when you came to my life it all changed, I knew I would never be alone again, and that make me decide that I would hid my feelings from you, so I could be one more of you!” I cried again…

“I know babe, but I choose you, and I will always choose you how you are… I wouldn’t ask you to change for anything in the world! I just LOVE YOU HOW YOU REALLY ARE!” he kissed me and we keep kissing with a rhythm until Louis came in.

“Hey buddy! I forgot my…”Hazza cut him off shouting at him

“Get out of here now!”

“Yeah, sorry, I should have knocked...”

“Yeah, you should have…” I told him joking

He left, and we were alone again.

“Hazza…”I started saying


“Sorry for not telling you the truth, I admit that I was a bit scared, but I love you, and I will love you forever! So… like the first day…”

“Hello, my name is Harry Styles, who I have the pleasure to be talking with?” he said happily

“Hi, my name is Melanie”

“What a beautiful name, so how is the person I am talking to?”

“She is a sensitive girl, insecure, unstable, girly, funny, and good to make fake smiles and hide things from my own family and friends… and that is very sorry for all the thing that she has done, and that she would never do again, and that is not going to lie again! And that she has the more lovely boyfriend she could ever had, and that she is very happy of it” I said very happy of myself to finally let it out

“So this is the girl in which I fall in love with! How proud I am of it!” he got more near me and we started kissing again, I finally separated us…

“I am doing something wrong?” he asked me kind confused

“No, it is that we have a trouble bigger, that I think we have to resolve after!”

“Okay let´s go with the boys”

We got out of the room and found all the boys and Aria sat on the kitchen table eating. Harry sat next to Niall, and I sat next to him. It was hard to say it, almost unbelievable…

“So… why were you so worried?” Liam asked

“For two things”

“And which are them?”

Harry was confused, I could know it because of his face, he thought that the problem was over, but no… it is just starting!

“The first one is about me… I am very sorry about it, but the thing is that I lied you about me, I am not a strong girl, I just hid my feelings from you” I said very sadly

“We knew that the first day we met you” Liam said

“But how you knew it”

“Because you were so nervous, and you always ran to the bathroom when you were sad…”

“Okay, so it´s kind that you knew it just like me”

“But what is the second?” Louis asked

“The second is the most important, but please don’t think that I am crazy or that this is weird, I will not tell you, you will find it by yourself!”

“I don’t want to look, I am tired, it´s holiday…” Niall complained, he is just like a little boy

“Okay, do you want me to tell you? The thing is that you really didn’t went outside today, you don´t know which day is today?”

“Yeah! it´s 1 of January!” Zayn said proudly

“Of what year Zayn? And don’t tell me until you look at the calendar in your cellphone, on the computer, or in the one that is stuck on the fridge!”

They all went to look at them, and they got like concerned, I could knew it because Niall has stopped eating, Harry was coming up to me with all the boys running after him.

“Come and sit down in the couch, I will tell you what happened…”

They all obeyed and sat down on the couch.

“Yesterday was New Year…” I was cut off by Louis, who didn’t understand that we were in danger just right now…


“Please Louis stop it, this is not a funny game, this serious!”

“Ooh, okay!”

“Today all the things changed, we passed through 3 years in a night! Did you noticed it, all the thing are like older, and when I got up…”crying again, Harry sat me in his lap and hug me “I went to the kitchen and tell to my mother to prepare me breakfast, and she told me that she was no more my mother, with all the seriousness possible, she is like a stranger, she has forgot everything and she hasn´t feelings anymore… If you don’t understand the meaning, I ran away and left her there alone, I got a bag and all the money I could! We don’t have any more 16, now we have 18, and when we´ll have 20 we will be one more of them, we won´t have feelings anymore, it´s just a dream that nobody thought about it, it is like the end of the world, the 12/12/12!” I exclaimed

“So… What can we do?” Liam asked

“We can´t trust in anybody?”  Zayn asked

“We are going to die!” Louis started crying

“We will not have any more food?!” Niall mumbled

“We only have a year to live how we are?!” Aria said

“We will not be together forever?” Harry said looking me straight into my eyes, and that made me cry…

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