This is a FAN-FICTION of ONE DIRECTION! So understand that is a FICTION NOVEL...

It´s about 7 friends that will survive until they become adults, and being adults is the worst nightmare! (you wil discover it) They have to enjoy their last year to live everyday like the last one...
But some events that were not planned happened, and will make more difficult to live in party´s...


2. “Could it be?”


“We will get out of here now! Go to a Hotel and try to survive with the strangers to find how to repair this, and the most important thing, we´ll live everyday like if it was the last for 1 year!” I said very loudly, and I noticed that they were all happy.

“So come on, pack your things guys, but the most necessary!” Liam screamed

“So, what about us?” Harry asked

“We´ll live together for one last year, and then forever…!” I cried again

“But how could you just hold it like this… I wouldn’t have the courage to tell us that the world will end!”

“It is just another thing you don’t know about me, but the truth is that I really don’t think we´ll die, we would become strangers, but how do they think I don’t know”

“Okay, now I am here for you, and there is nothing more you have to be worried about, now I will take care of us, okay?”

“Yes, how I could say no to you?”

“Just saying it…” we kissed, his lips were so softly pressed to mine, that I would never stop, but this time he stopped away, and I knew the reason

“I will pack my things; do you want to sleep a bit?” Harry said

“No, how could I sleep while you are up? I will help you!”

We got up and packed a small bag with clothes, and then he stared at the closet and got inside it, and then came again with a little box… we sat down in the bed, he opened it and took a lot of money that he has saved, then he packed something, but I couldn’t saw it as he was so fast! And at the bottom of it there were a lot of pictures of Hazza as a child…

“You were so cute!” I said

“Were?!” Harry asked

“You are so cute!” he got closer to me, and because all the things were finally packed he got more closer and we continued the kiss that he has stopped… I loved his curly brown hair I always compared it to mine, I just don’t know why he choose me? Why? I am not pretty! I have a brown medium and straight hair! I am not perfect like him!

We were kissing with such a passion that I could almost tell you that we were about to do something much more with passion than kissing us!

Eventually Louis got in the room and interrupted us, but this time we didn’t shout at him, we only grab our things and Hazza took my hand, and we walk together away. I look for the keys of the car, and when I got them, we went out of the apartment, took the elevator and left the building. I unlocked the car and gave the keys to Hazza. I sat at the passenger seat, Hazza was at the driving one, and the others were at the back.

Hazza drive us to a hotel of high class, we check us and acted as if we were strangers, and they gave us our keys, we got a penthouse, it had a kitchen with a living room, and upstairs they were 3 rooms, I shared one with Hazza, the other was Aria and Zayn, and in the other were Liam, Niall, and Louis.

It was like 1 pm, so we decided to eat. Hazza offered to cook tacos. And after that we sat at the couch and watched a movie called “The Hunger Games”, I cried a lot in some parts, but the other ones I was kissing Hazza, sat down on his lap. When the movie finished we decided to go to the casino, and have some fun. I got changed and we took some money, being careful to not waist it all in a short time.

We locked the penthouse and left to the casino.

When we entered to the casino they were all offering free beer. Louis was very happy and he ran to the beer man, all the boys follow him, so we decided to do the same.

It was around 2 am, and we were all drunk, the beer men call the security and they lead us to our penthouse.

Inside the penthouse, I don’t know why, we were at the Jacuzzi all naked. I was kissing Hazza, Aria was with Zayn, and Liam, Louis and Niall were with some sluts…  

Later I found myself at our room, at the bed, with Hazza, and well we did it.

The next morning…

I woke up, naked, cuddled with Hazza. All the room was a mess and my head was about to explode, I felt like a truck has passed over me. All the body was like another part of me, I just didn´t have the strength to get up, but finally my belly made me not only get up, I took the blanket, also to run to the bathroom and vomit, I felt like a total disaster…

When I walk back I found Hazza sat on the bed

“Are you okay babe?”

“I don’t think so, I am just a mess”

“Oh, come on here babe!”

I walked more to him and he grabbed my hip and started tickling me, I burst out in laughs, until my belly hurt me, I ran to the bathroom and vomit, again.

When I walked back, Hazza was very worried about me, I could look it in through his eyes…

“Babe you are not okay, we´ll call a medic”

“No, no, I am okay; I think that I am a bit sick…”

“Ok, come on then, I´ll make some breakfast”

I put on some shorts and Hazza´s shirt that was very big. And he only put on some boxers.

He took my hand and opened the door, we walked down the stairs, and the next thing I saw was the living. At the living was Louis naked with a blond prostitute over him, at a corner were Niall naked and sat on the rug with a black and straight hair whore at his side. I was mouth opened, I couldn´t believe what I was seeing… Hazza took a look and quickly blinded my eyes.

“You four get a room now” Hazza shouted.

“Where´s Liam, Aria and Zayn?” I asked very concerned

“At their rooms, I think…”

“Okay it doesn´t matter”

“Hey, did you hear me? Get now a room” Hazza shouted the loudest he could.

Niall and Louis woke up, and when they saw the mess and that they were naked, they ran to their rooms living the prostitutes sleeping at the floor.

Hazza, with no other choice, told me to close my eyes and turn around, I did as he told me. When he came back he kissed me, and when I got round the prostitutes weren´t inside anymore.

I took a seat at the kitchen´s table, and Hazza went to the kitchen.

“Where are the whores?” I asked

“Outside, at the corridor”

“You left them outside and naked?”

“Yeah, is there any problem?”

“No, I think so”

He came closer and gave me some water and aspirins. I took them very quickly and he went off to prepare me some waffles.

I was watching him when my belly makes me shout of pain and I ran to the bathroom to vomit.

Hazza ran after me, I tried to close the door, but he wouldn´t let me , I didn´t wanted him to see me doing this, but he was there, holding my hair and watching me while I was vomiting, I felt so ashamed.

I went to take a bath, I put on a blue dress, and I went to try to clean the rooms, it was a disaster… Hazza came and ordered me to stop cleaning and go to bed. Later Hazza came and brought me the breakfast. Then I heard some noises from the living room, I finished my breakfast and sliced through the door and watch, they were all remembering that night, the best party ever… I went there and sat on Hazza´s lap.

We started remembering…

“The first thing I did was to jump to the Jacuzzi naked and all of you did the same” Louis screamed. We all started laughing.

“Then I went with Samantha to the living room, and… well, you know…” Niall told us.

“The prostitute and I saw Niall in action, and we wanted to do it…” Said Liam

“Hey!!? Couldn’t you watch anything else?!” Niall complained

“You were awesome Niall, I didn´t think you´d had any talent…” Louis said

“Yeah men” Zayn said

Louis and Zayn made high five and burst out in laughs

“And what else we supposed did last night?” Aria asked

“We played TRUTH OR DARE!” Louis shouted, he loved that game

“How did you know?” I asked very interested

“Well, you can see it by yourself…” Lois gave us his phone and I put play, when the video finished I was so miserable, I had kissed Niall in a DARE! I saw at Hazza, he was hurt, but then he laughed, he knew that we were drunk, because at the end I said some very shameful things that I would never had said to them…

“Okay, now we know what we did… So, what can we do know?” I asked

“TRUTH OR DARE” Louis screamed

“Yeah, that would be fun now that we are not drunk” Aria said

“Okay, then… Liam, start” Said Louis

“Mel…” Liam said “TRUTH OR DARE?”

I always said truth, so “TRUTH!” I shouted

“Okay, last night, have you done it with Hazza?” Liam asked

“Done what?...” I asked knowing the answer

“You know...well…”

“Em... I think so” I look at Hazza to confirm my answer

“Yeah, we did it…” Hazza said

My belly started to hurt again, so I ran to the bathroom, lock the door, and vomit, I won´t let Hazza get in again when I am doing this!

I vomit and vomit, I couldn’t stop, I was feeling so bad…

Finally I stopped; I washed my face and went out. They were all sat down around the bathroom. They all stand up and asked me with worried eyes if I was okay, but I really wasn’t, and I told them that I would never again lie, and my belly with my head were about to explode…

“SHUT YOU ALL UP” I screamed and ran upstairs, I went to my room and collapsed in bed

Hazza ran after me, he walk in and sat at the bed. He looked at me and played with my hair.

“I am sorry… we just wanted to know if you were okay?” Hazza said very sadly

I felt very bad about it.

“I am sorry Hazza, I shouldn’t have shouted at you, I was just so confused and my head is killing me… Please help me stand up, I have to say sorry to them”

“Okay, but if you can”

“Yeah I am okay…”

I was a bit sick, but I could walk. He took me up, and grabbed me by my hip, and helped me get down stairs.

“Guys… I´m so sorry about how I treated you, is that I was so sick, I couldn’t stop vomiting, and you were all asking me a lot of questions…” I told them

“No, we are sorry, we asked you a lot of questions when you were feeling bad...” Liam told me and gave me a hug

“It wasn’t yours fault, you were taking care of me, okay?” I told them

“Yeah” Liam said

Hazza hug me and help me get to the kitchen´s table. I sat down, men I was so hungry, that I could eat the whole table.

“Are you hungry Mel?” Hazza asked

“Yeah please!”

“Okay then I will call for a pizza”

He took the phone and called for 2 pizzas…

“Three!” I shouted to him

He asks for 3 pizzas.


The doorbell rang and the Hazza received the pizzas, Niall jumped from the couch and quickly took one pizza. I ran for 1 entire pizza, and the others shared one. They couldn´t believe that I was going to eat it all, but I did it. When I finished, they all look at me, then they got again to their stuff. I got up, but I didn’t go with them, I got to the fridge, and took out some oranges, peas and apples. I ate about 2, 4, 6… about 8 fruits, it was very strange, because I really didn´t liked peas, and I ate 4 of them… and well, I was still hungry. I decided to stop eating and went to the couch with them, I sat on Hazza´s lap and he kissed my forehead.

“We can watch a movie?” Zayn said, sincerely not like a question

“Toy Story” Liam shouted

“Then, well…”Niall said

He put on the movie and we watched it, later I was sleepy…

I woke up, and ran to the bathroom; I was still doing this stuff…

I walked back to the room and found Louis sat at the bed.

“What is happening to you?” Louis asked “Are you sick, or in a trouble with Harry…”

“Louis, please stop, I really don’t know what is happening to me okay? You´re like my brother, if I knew something about it, I will tell you!”

“Okay, I´ll take your word. So I think you´re hungry…”

“Yeah men”

We went to the kitchen and I ate 5 fruits, 2 big pieces of bread with cheese, a bowl of cereals and 3 cereal bars… Okay, I know it is a lot, but… I am hungry!

I have passed through one week, and it was all like vomiting 5 or 6 times a day, eating a lot, and eating… my belly has went bigger, so I think that I gained a lot of weight, I am trying not to eat as much as after, but I am really hungry.

They were missing a lot of things at the house, there was no more food, between Niall and me, we ate all the food. Aria decided to come with me. I got the car´s key and left. We got on the car, and I drive to a quick supermarket. We decided to look at all the corridors and shelves. We were finishing the shops, and the cart was almost complete.

We finally passed through the last shelve where they were the pregnant tests…

“Mel, do you think you could be…? You know…?” Aria asked

She left me frozen

“Could I be pregnant?”

“Then, we can take out all the doubts!” Aria told me while she grabbed 3 pregnant tests.

We quickly paid all our things and got into the car, I put the tests at my bag, and when we got home. I left the supermarket bags at the kitchen and saw the boys playing TRUTH OR DARE…

“Harry, TRUTH OR DARE?” Louis asked him

“TRUTH!” Hazza said

I left them and walked upstairs to my room, I took the tests of my bag, I closed the room and walked to the bathroom.

I read the instructions and made that stuff.


“NOOOOOO, IT CANNOT BE THIS, IT IS NOT” I shouted through all the whole penthouse and cried, alone in the bathroom at the floor. I was still crying when I started hearing a lot of footsteps from the stairs. And finally Hazza came in, he ran down at me with all the boys behind him. And they saw it, he hugged me, he knew that I was pregnant, that 2 from the 3 were positive, that I was going to bring a baby to this world of strangers, and anything I could do was to cry and cry…

“Please baby stop crying, we are okay” Hazza tried to comfort me


“I don´t know babe, I was drunk and you too, how could I knew that this could happen…” he was worried too

“Please let me talk alone with her” Louis said to all of them, and they all left. What was he going to say me, why I didn’t tell him? I have just known it.

“Mel, please stop crying, come” Louis hugged me and took me up, and sat me at the bed.

“Thanks Louis, I know I can always trust in you, I am really scared, please help me! I don’t want to leave a baby alone in this world in only more than a year…”

“Don´t think about it in that way, just think that you will have a baby with the boyfriend you are in love with, that Harry will be a great father and you the greatest mother, and that you will have a bigger family”

“Thanks Louis, you always make me stop crying and can give me help when I need it”

“So, now that you´re okay I think we can go down and tell them, because they are worried about you, okay? You have to be fine for the baby?” Louis said.

He was the best brother I could have, and now I confirm all the doubts, all because of Aria´s doubts, I found the reason because I gained weight, I am very hungry, and I vomit all the time. I just cannot believe that this was why I was sick, and that I didn’t know it before.

hope u like it! this novel was meant to have a sequel and it is very interesting and it gets better, i left it for a while becuse i was dissapointed... but here we are now and i will continue with this! thanks for all of you! love you all! <3 --- flor!

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