The Night That Changed My Life. A One Direction Fan Fic.

That One Boy... That One Band..... Read More To Find Out Everything.


4. The Date!

First I Would Like To Say Thanks To Thoose Of You Reading! And A Special Thanks To @DoncastaAss. And Your FanFic Is Amazing! Love You Guys Xx Payton:)

We Were In The Car For A While And We Arrived At This Gorgeous House And I Saw Four Cars Parked There. I Wondered If All Of One Direction Was There. If They Were We ( Me And Liam) Wouldnt Have ANY Alone Time!! I Felt My Phone Vibrate And I Grabbed It Out Of My Pocket It Was A Text From My Sister It Read " Hey Little Siss! Its Almost Your Birthday, You Want Anything Special? Love You Girliee! Xxxx -Katie!" I Responded " Call Me NOW!!!!!!!!" I Was Excited To Be With Liam On A Date He Was Just Like Me! My Ringtone For My Sister Was The Turtles From Finding Nemo Going " Sweet , Totally!"  I Pulled My I Phone 4s Out Of My Pocket And Answered I Told Liam Id Be Inside In A Second And Said " Hey HOE I MISS YOU!" "What Was So Important?" She Asked " Well You Know That Band Im Completely Obsessed With That Was On The X-Factor? Well Mom Is Their New Manager And Im On A Date With One Of Them RIGHT NOW!!!" My Sister Screamed So Loud We Hung Up And I Walked Inside It Was Huge! Liam Yelled "Babe Where Are You?" I Screamed Back " By The Door!" He Ran To Get Me And Picked Me Up Over His Shoulder And Walked To Where The Boys Were And He Put Me On The Counter And Pecked My Lips. Louis Yelled " So Did You Tell Her You Were Taking Her To StarBucks Then To You're Favorite Place To Watch Toy Story 1 2 and 3?" "Aweee!! Liam! That Is So Sweet !" I Yelled. He Blushed And Grabbed Me Off The Counter And We Left We Went To SB And Got Hot Cocoa And Cookies Then Went To This Lake That Had A Gorgeous View Then Pulled His IPad Out Of His Pocket And We Watched Movies Together All Night It Was So Romantic! I Was Falling In Love With Him.


I Will Be Doing Auditions For Harry Niall Zayn And Louis Girlfriends. Kik Me @PaytonPayne If You Want To Be But You Have To Answer This Question: What Is Harrys Middle Name? Tell Me Your Name Eye Color Hair Color And If Its Curly Or Straight Your Boy And Answer The Question. Bye My Little Lovelies<3


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