The Night That Changed My Life. A One Direction Fan Fic.

That One Boy... That One Band..... Read More To Find Out Everything.


3. Text From A Random Number?

I Woke Up Hearing My Phone Ring With The Song Never Say Never By The Fray I Answered Sleepily " Hello, Whos Ringing Me This Early In The Morning?" " Hello Love Its Liam." Liam??? Ahh Hes The Cute Boy From Last Night How Did He Get My Number?? " Uhmm Hii? How'd You Get My Number??" I Asked Akwardly. " Well Babe I Was Home Last Night Thinking Of Your Beautiful Face And I Texted Your Mum Asking For Your Number Sooo.. Bbbut It Was Stupid To Call Iiii I Gotta Go." I Felt So Bad So I Said " You Dont Have To Hang Up I Like Talking To You." He Responded " Well Wake Up And Get Dressed And Ill Be At Your House In One Hour, Bye Love." Ummmm WOAH! " Um Ok.." I Walked Down The Stairs And Smelt My Favorite Meal Ever, Pancakes Bacon And Hot Cocoa YUM! I Walked Into The Kitchen And Saw My Mom Left A Note Saying She Went To The Gym. I Ate My Breakfast And Went Upstairs To Get Ready. I Re-Curled My  Hair Put On My Red Skinny Jeans With My Blue Oversized Hoodie That Said Chicago Bears ( Thats Where Im From But I Moved To England) And My Red Toms I Did My Make-Up And Sat Downstairs Waiting Then Toy Story Came On Its My All Time Favorite Movie, And Liam Just Walked In My House I Laughed And Stood Up To Hug  Him He Pulled Me Close To His Warm Body I Could Feel His Abs Ahhh! He Looked At The Telly And Saw Toy Story Was On He Yelled " THIS IS MY FAVORITE MOVIE EVER!!!" " Me Too!" I Giggled. He Grabbed The Remote And Paused The Movie And We Walked Out Of The House, I Forgot My Phone So I Said " I'll Be Right Back I Have To Grab My Phone." He Responded I'll Come With I Dont Want To Be With Out You For Another Second!" I Laughed And We Walked Up The Stairs Into My Room And Grabbed My Phone And Left I Had No Clue Where We Were Going I Guess I Just Have To Wait And Find Out. 

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